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  • Alright mans, here we go.
  • Yeah i’m a goddamn demon
  • Never finna get beaten
  • Ay ay ay
  • Goddamn this fire I been spitting ain’t a joke
  • Gunna grab my knife and put it right to your throat
  • Bitch y’know my life been crazy
  • Better know how to use a gun cause thats your only safety.
  • Even then, I’m out here like a ninja
  • Fucking up these bitches like I’m Godzilla
  • Yeah you can try and call me shaky
  • But when I rap i’m close to my man Slim Shady
  • I’ma raise hell as if I was the king of straight up darkness
  • Gunna leave you dead like a carcass
  • Cause y’know I'm fucking heartless
  • Yo, you know this rap I’m finna crush
  • Go and flip your porn pages you degenerate filled with lust
  • My boys are the only people I trust
  • When most of the people out here be filling me with disgust
  • Ay when I hit like this like that
  • I’m gunna make Mortal Kombat
  • Seem like a pat on the back
  • Yeah I’m a maniac
  • So, don't come with this shit
  • When you know I gotta comeback


  • don't be messin with me
  • cause u gonna be dead by the time you reach me
  • nigga don't believe me
  • then step back and watch me
  • still don't believe me
  • then let me tell you this
  • i was the one who killed yo daddy
  • you had me
  • but u just couldn't handle me
  • you trynna kill me
  • but dont blink
  • cause u gonna be with yo daddy

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