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  • Grab a knife from the kitchen
  • the sharpest one you can find
  • then put it up to ur neck and then get ready to die
  • after this is gonna be a fucking hamaside
  • make sure when you do it there are tear drops in your eye
  • and say that you dont want to
  • they say it will be alright
  • but you know that it wont no it wont be ok
  • so you slice your neck
  • you can't take another day
  • the people pickig on you
  • driving you crazy
  • they make fun of you for being a little hazy
  • they flick your head
  • so the your mama brings your body and lies it on the bed
  • she starts to cry
  • there are still teardrops in both of your eyes
  • she holds your hand so very tight
  • and she asks why why did you do it
  • and deep down she knows exactly why
  • but she regrets everything and begins to cry
  • then the next day , the mother dies
  • the children go live with there grandma
  • they where so sad then they died as well
  • and all of them saw each other again
  • in hell


  • If you gon hate then you hate nigga keep to yaself
  • i got way too many problems ion need nobody else
  • Yall stab me in the back and say thats what you dealt
  • Welp... i remember dem blue laces slangin as a belt
  • brobro went and did dat im like nigga whatchu mean?
  • nigga went and sniched on ma homie what the fuck he think
  • i may fuck witta bitch but you wont see her wit no ring
  • least till ma shit together i can rap and i can sing
  • I mean some niggas in ma circle went and fucked me over
  • we sposed to be get en rich together yo bitch i just know her
  • so why you think im do en that? think en im the worst
  • fuck a thot mane im just tryna make wit ma words
  • fuck a chain fuck some money and most of all fuck you
  • why the fuck you do me like that you sposed to be ma dude
  • and im talk en was shit was all gone all dem lyrics through
  • Thats to all da rappas who im really talk en to
  • ya
  • yall fuckin each other for no reason
  • im a killa and its really killa season
  • Kansas City were im from and we get down for no reason
  • pull up on you wit the glocc while you sleepen
  • we knock his ass off
  • froze like jack frost
  • he was onna list he got hit
  • his pops mad as shit
  • but oh well da snitch
  • i live a life i rep it
  • some real killas in ma section
  • gotta keep dis weapon
  • pop it for protection
  • help

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