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  • If i was locked in a room with the worst of the news i would take Nancy's face and
  • give Biden a bruise cause i'm tired of this crap, you can't give happy stuff
  • a chance, how about a cat getting a scratch, not another Biden attack
  • Why do i ask? cause i'm all out of gas cause my mind's behind a mask
  • and the fact is, i'm in the crack biz, my brain is fractured from hearing you
  • kids, i mean come on Nancy, you've got to try harder, don't argue with people
  • try to be charming for starters, tell a joke or choke a dope, i mean
  • do us a favor and tell o Reilly, he's finally fallen on hard times
  • these dark rhymes give birth to sad tidings, bad writings
  • like The Last Airbender which was regurgitated excrement
  • I wish to be blunt I guess, Freddy wants you but he needs to wait
  • his daughter is the host of a horrid place, The news, It's screwed
  • Populist snakes run the stories that only get eaten and spat on your plate
  • like Bullshit at 8:00, hear me argue again and again till my chin becomes
  • thin from getting hit by your shins, call the president, there's been a murder
  • New anchor is none other then America's hated but the democrats are elated
  • throwing a party in Vegas cause Camilla is now famous, got her face on a
  • dollar and COVID causes squalor, but it doesn't matter if the rich are taller
  • and the poor are in a box, cause Democracy is a Pox, the donkey got shot
  • by the elephant's glock, two stocks and shotgun, gotta get one
  • cause BLM's done with being friendly, Black History is a mystery
  • cause it's overshadowed the contributions of White and Spanish teens
  • Dutch and Afghan queens and people like you and me
  • Don't air it please, I love you G but bear with me, it's tiring, this fire in me is turning
  • into a blaze and i'm going to scream if i hear another Maya Angelou Soliloquy
  • cause it's a problem if the only thing i get from the Super Bowl is that my
  • contributions are a footnote in history, i don't hate blacks
  • I just feel like it's insulting to our legacy


  • ({Intro})
  • ay man,
  • we united,
  • we a team...
  • We still screaming why,
  • why they wanna see a brotha die?
  • why they wanna see a momma cry?
  • tryna put him in the sky,
  • they think he be walking round' with that fire...
  • And we still screaming "WHY"
  • why they wanna see a brotha die?
  • why they wanna see a momma cry?
  • tryna put him in the sky,
  • they think he be walking round' with that fire...
  • or he could be catching DJ's while he walking by,
  • and they still screaming "FREEZE"
  • brother,
  • he ain't got nothing in them jeans
  • they tryna get loud and make a scene
  • like dude,
  • the fuck you mean?
  • I ain't mad,
  • we united,
  • we a team,
  • now he all on the tv...
  • they say he messing up the screens
  • they say he messing up the scene
  • we lootin' out in these streets
  • tell me,
  • what is it gonna be
  • if it ain't no justice,
  • ain't no peace
  • all my friends off the lease..
  • back then, he was starving,
  • now he gon' eat
  • ain't no discussion,
  • he gon' feed
  • tell them white folk
  • rest in peace
  • they be hating people from the trees
  • better get you,
  • before it's him

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