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it has to be about murder and killing people

Max of 20 lines


Lyrikist won this battle!


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  • motherfuckers think i'm a weak weak but guess what they don't know me i wanna know why there messing with my homies
  • killing people isn't below me grab there mamas heads and have them blow me people think the shit i'm saying is a bunch of baloney
  • bitches screams this is blasphemy i'm like neo dodging all the bullets thats passing me
  • these people gotta learn to stop harassing me hoes acting like they got skill well guess what theres no passing me
  • i teach lessons with my fist i kicked there ass and asked if you need an assist
  • but that just got them even more pissed took a swing but he missed
  • they went to shoot me with there guns well how you gonna kill me when you can't even hit a girls g spot they don't know the power we got
  • i grabbed one dude and slammed him against the curb i guess being somebody elses body guard was the only purpose he wanted to serve
  • i punched another dude so hard i knocked out his words lets hope his sprit will be flying up with the birds
  • i sliced the leaders throat all the sins he has commited will make sure he won't float
  • look i kill people for a payload kill a fucker then i'll half to lay low
  • i've killed so many motherfuckers i know i won't be wearing a halo murder is the way yo


  • Man, it's so fucking crazy, my intent is rising lately,
  • It's like I am a hazard to public safety, to put it vaguely,
  • I see the drawer in the kitchen, my hands are itching,
  • Gripped the handle of the knife, this is just the beginning,
  • My sweat be dripping, got fire in my ocean blue eyes,
  • Mind be slipping, I feel my neurons sizzling, going to be precise,
  • See I always had a list of faces I want to decorate with scars,
  • Catch different cases, say nothing as I puff on my cigar,
  • My mind is racing, sweaty palms be telling me to stop,
  • but I cannot, I came in swinging, going right through mother's heart,
  • She choked up, I find tears just welling, she's in shock,
  • "You wanted to see my body outlined in chalk?"
  • I couldn't handle it, my rage is boiling blood like magma,
  • blood is filling tile cracks, my sanity just went bananas -
  • The attack's resuming, held on the knife so tightly,
  • Kept slicing and dicing, losing humanity, so fucking angry,
  • And time went by so fucking slow,
  • couldn't tell she not alive since hours ago,
  • All I see is limpness, pale face and bad news,
  • The cops will clearly see I gave her twenty eight stab wounds.

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