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Battle on February 28 2021


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  • Trill be Big steppin' with an Antique Weapon, ...why?
  • It's the only gun i can have in my possession as a Felon
  • If i get pulled over right now nigga prison is where I'm headed
  • My bars be so sharp that other lyrics just get shredded
  • I'll rip your brain apart like a fucking head of lettuce
  • GK Trill will abuse a nigga like he's Emmit Till
  • And you know with the pen i got unlimited skills
  • To be real It's something like im on limitless pill
  • Every rappers using gimmicks deserves to be killed
  • You niggas just running ya mouth but not talking
  • When its time for walking you dudes pull a Steven Hawking
  • Trill in this bitch, bars hot like steaming coffee
  • If you violate me, it might just mean meet coffin
  • Need Adderall for my panics causing collateral damage
  • Im a boss but my anger isn't managed
  • When i start talking bout the game it's like I'm speaking spanish
  • Giving out murder as a gift like the nigga Krampus
  • Gk trill like a active shooter on ya campus
  • My island is where ya go when your ass gets banished
  • Nigga it's the man right here!, you stans quietly live in fear
  • For your soul, I'll shed a single tear
  • Now what you wanna do? i can go all year
  • Fight in these battles until the whole Hall is clear
  • My walls on the top tier
  • I ride so hard its like i done popped all the gears


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  • hundreds of thousands of cowards
  • like earths burns
  • they work in the herd
  • like cowards
  • with no superpowers
  • like a dreamer
  • and nonbelievers
  • like cowards
  • that are overpowered
  • and encountered powers
  • that require sunflowers
  • and computers
  • with alligators
  • and no calculators
  • pah
  • an ice coward

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