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  • Don't,
  • care much for the sum of riches
  • To be my friend you just ain't dumb or bitches
  • none of types who would go and dob to teachers
  • preachers of love I love, see how long my list is
  • glitches, separating pointing witches
  • the type who belong in ditches, tricksters,
  • predators who send requests following tags in pictures,
  • itches that they bare to share their shitness
  • I tried to be a friend and to hold your hand
  • point way, make you understand but damn...
  • thick headed dumbass, you will never be down
  • you the type of person I don't ever wanna around
  • Red flag...
  • Red flag...
  • what you said in my head just raised a
  • red flag...
  • so sad...
  • inconsiderate, brain dead, nothing but trouble
  • the answers lie without leading a lie,
  • so ya missing the meaning of life, right?
  • I can't seem to reach you, hell I have tried
  • but your moving opposite of Fibonacci to phi
  • We all humanbeings just here, here to survive
  • hopped with alcohol, drugs and more as vices
  • fucked in the club and my shades don’t hide it
  • met everyone right now the nights exciting
  • filtered out those who constrict the chest
  • left with the rest nothing yes but the best,
  • blessed to see actual magic manifest-ing and
  • coincidence to give suspense for what is next
  • The universe a garden so dig it dude
  • rip the weeds out complete with the twigs & the roots
  • toot your own horn if goes and honks to a tune
  • and the music you make will rid away bad fruit


  • Im getting cold hearted but im tryna hold up tryna stay away from love
  • but when im tryna push love away someone always warming my heart up so
  • im tryna play smarter my heart getting even hotter like love strike back always
  • fighting back it always be a girl pull love out there backpack looking at my auntie
  • relashionship with my uncle it upsets me that mean no more flexing tryns ask
  • god too change me but he always put my cold hearted essence away always taking
  • my happiness away on sunday i cant keep up cause of my cold hearted going
  • away far nothing but drama im seeing in my family making me feel
  • like im alone just wishing that i had a clone then everyone minds will be blown
  • i seen my great grandma die in my face thats making my life change im tryna get rich
  • tryna have 50 grand i known if i keep up with this anger someone gone die tryna
  • fly high im like rags to riches but burning my bridges burning the past its going
  • away real fast my heart couldnt even freeze im feeling the breeze got me feeling
  • like im in tupacs movie im getting whipped by my past like im x ik the people
  • that broke my heart will regret i dont even got to send them no threat they got me fighting
  • the feds im taking these heavy meds i even watch the cops take my cuzin to
  • jail i dont need no love keeping the person above i gotta crush i aint in rush
  • i got 3 kids and a hundred spirits this my own lyrics learning about physics
  • they yelling out six i dont car about no politics all these fakers asking for
  • a verse i only got one brother im in my head fighting with my mother im like
  • insidoious going into a further they just talking about murda

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