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  • Uh I say
  • Fuck the money fuck the fame u the same proclaim you still in the same frame overtime is feeling bad sign go to maintain my remains go to proclaim overcame claims x2
  • Change the subject the object is my intellect neglect object to except select the projects in the commons can’t think of ourselves with the concepts
  • Savage knowledge of passage percentage vestige message go to beverage a pound of leverage that sing the chorus I don’t care if you were everywhere I just sing a prayer as a fuck money living in a fantasy society anxiety getting this mentally free honey that’s my destiny hungry recipe it was a guarantee I was going to make some enemies some people envy me filthy victory not agree mentally humanity but that’s for sure I’m a be on MTV right oh my God the fight despite killer dude have my height invite depression mention the tension is my expression but it’s sellin Get attention aggression depression it’s still in spreading we’re forgetting how much money I’m spending stepping I’m not helping anything expecting expecting expressing reinventing expecting representing I guess I’m disrespecting don’t give a fuck I’m screaming fuck life go to thrive belly think I’m alive go to survive
  • /DreamLxfe/ Ok, flexing all the time fuck the fame of fuck that shows I’ll be making this cash fuck that shit throw it in the past like goddamn making more money than my teachers payroll I’m talking go 20k a show flexing on a hoe but you know I’m still sad don’t give a fuck what my dad says I’m still sad you can tell when I walk in the room I’ll give him a different vibe I’m not a perky ass bright boy I’m a block boy you say the wrong words of pop your ass I’m talking about the tears I shed because of my fears hurting demons in my ears when I try to make a choice but I’m talking about good Times bad Times turning around facing my fears ended up broken none numb of the tears and fears talking about the choices that interfered


  • Not a huge fan of attacking ad nauseam
  • Be the king, that was part of my dream
  • But instead i got a sister, just like me with her mister nada
  • Got me goin off like im gallagher, plastic wrap is surrounding ya,
  • Here they keep a rachet close
  • Plastic hearts turn to plastic souls.
  • Six hundred sixty-six, leave it for the tip
  • So pass the mic so i can melt it like plastic
  • Chop his balls off and use his skin to make a baby coat
  • Tie any enemy up with plastic and rope
  • Fitted, legitted, hardwood classic
  • Bulldoze/ and watch their bodies turn plastic
  • Baby am i slick
  • Are they made outta plastic?

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