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  • ay ay ay gang ...
  • You know what it is nigga
  • ay bllow
  • grttt
  • Straight from the trenches
  • Fuck it cuz I did my sentence
  • Dont say my name up in them mentions
  • We carry them them weapons
  • Niggas is scared in my presence
  • Send his ass straight to the heavens
  • Dont care for connections
  • We get like 50 a session
  • 26 up in my denims
  • Dont come in this section
  • We do not care bout protection
  • Sorry I cant show affection
  • Up Trap House
  • She do not want me to back out
  • I cannot never ever back down
  • We pull them macks out
  • Wanna come up in the background?
  • Sike I lied , just for the like they lie
  • I feel like Mike Tyson, I
  • Im finna settle for first
  • I bring out the metal disperse
  • I do not care for that verse
  • I swear its a curse
  • Caught yo ass wearing
  • Srrrrrrrrrr
  • put that bitch up in reverse
  • I should have figured
  • Get yo ass out of the picture
  • Im gripping the trigger
  • Posting that slick shit on twitter
  • Man ... I heard a whisper
  • Yo niggas was plotting
  • I heard that yo digits was dropping
  • I took yo bitches out shopping
  • Im ready the devil come knocking
  • I keep a metal my pocket
  • I earned my stripes so I feel like I'm black tigger
  • So call me a trap nigga


  • Sophistication, Fuck everything
  • So I guess I fist the nation
  • Eyes open, vindication
  • on a higher plane, no vacation
  • Guess I made it
  • And anyone who denies
  • Shall asphixiate on their lies
  • When everything about a girl is fake
  • than how the fuck does she come to real-ize
  • It's not about the money, take a dose of natural
  • I'm masterful, encyclopedia I'm motherfucking factual
  • Listening to you mumble fucks makes me want to overdose on Aderall
  • Fuck white supremacy, we shoulda nuked the Nazi
  • Turn their regime to glass, bye bye Naga- nazi!
  • Serve up any racist like they are terriyaki
  • Interstella, Fuck this planet
  • Need a porno mag before Moms Of America ban it
  • I need a bit of -
  • You know what? Fuck it.

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