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  • Yeah, you Trumped every other rapper who botched it
  • But like Donald it's time to kick you outta office
  • Chasing your dreams, running like a faucet
  • Sittin' back and watching because I already got it
  • I don't rap about money, I don't like to flaunt it
  • Or maybe that's because my brain is bigger than my wallet
  • I love making these kids cry
  • Words like Poison, I rinse and spit with cyanide
  • You're an electron, it's time to ionize!
  • Say this shit just to watch you die inside
  • Lyrical Holocaust
  • Burn your career with a molotov
  • Then celebrate like Ramadan
  • Ha
  • Don't like it when I requite
  • Brutal with the words I recite
  • I ain't polite, too far gone for uptight
  • Say this shit to incite
  • Violence across the globe in one night
  • We only get one life
  • That's why I take 'em, but don't get mistaken
  • I don't keep 'em, I break them
  • like hearts, you've been forsaken
  • Now the beast has awaken
  • Back to you being a faucet, this is liquidation
  • Of you're career and all your assets, this is subjucation
  • Your bars are going through disintergration
  • Pest Control, time for some extermintation
  • Gay ain''t insult because I am comfortable with my straight sexuality, hoe
  • Obviously you're not, let's take a look into your mentality, woah
  • How are you being realist when your life is a reality show?
  • Bars hit you hard like A Fatality
  • I don't gotta annotate my bars, they already know what I sayin'
  • Another knock off of the Rap God, I ain't one for prayin'
  • White ass motherfucker, can't rap to save himself
  • But Fuck It! Keep Fuming, Bitch...


  • ive been doing this for years, always fighting back the tears
  • climbing with my writings, through all the blood sweat and fears
  • from the mud and im still here, a ghetto life just isnt fair
  • life was never clear still here, stuck up in the hood like im a hair
  • said your gally hit my line,i rhyme tight,timed right,lime light
  • your gally on my dick,i climb high,im quite,big fish
  • rhyme tight,timed right,lime light
  • climb high,im quite,big fish
  • your gally with my slime,she dig this,big riddim,i killem
  • your gally my thick bitch,the richest,youngest,bruddas
  • whipping this kitchen business; your gally could live this
  • watching these,obvious, monotonous, natural exodus
  • natural selection, atrocities, leather em', quality, nobody,
  • faulting me, actually, honest g, lose to me?, probably
  • who is he? prodigy, logical, authority,mauling these
  • hobbyists, pleeease dont follow me, prolly be
  • swallowed deep, properly beneath, the path, i breeze so easily
  • your rap, degrees are, measley, battle me and me he will see,
  • me? i could battle any cattle like breeze, fact, steezily,
  • easily, im a diety, how do these sheep leak cheese ma g-
  • how ya gonna go and hurt me, wearing cards that i fold
  • momma raised me bold, still, scars on my back like shirt crease
  • dirty, certi, blaze till thursday, blaze till 30, slay till 70, these lazy MC's
  • could'nt be this heavenly, driven he's, literally, sickest, littest
  • witness, an infinte gift, my wits this, your focused lyricist is
  • blazing narcassists, raising arms if it's ,wears no armour this,
  • literal pharmacist, slitting your arteries, artist thats-
  • socretes, harmonies, copy the,farmer these
  • rappers aint half of the monster; masters manner's adaptor darlin
  • more heart than you and the fool who chatters,
  • play this spanner like, manna have a winter gatan,
  • whack your bladder with a slammer, if its my batter that you're after
  • I skidle ididle belittle my wiggle i giggledy
  • giggle official mythical musical miracle
  • my rhythm's official im killing ya little nipples
  • double dribble a little still crystal my whit'll trickle
  • I think you got this one wrong, little bitch prick
  • I aint even know your name let alone seen your wall
  • I'll still aim for ya face and believe your gonna fall

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