Battles  DRnova vs notdead


Rules!!! Must have Blue ʜair or have the named Collateral ? Will the real Collateral please stand up ?

Max of 36 lines


DRnova won this battle!


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  • That’s funny cause it looks like you style your hair with Play-Doh !
  • 4 real doe your Wack Yo for putting up Collateral
  • just to be Kazz imaginary friend your gay Though but your No Homo cause your So
  • ugly not only will girls fuck wit ya but guys Won’t!
  • Either you will never suck a cock or even lic a Bever !
  • Forever destined to only play with your own Wiener🖕🏽
  • So you better save your money 💰 for a hooker or sex Doll
  • Loser Protocol is a fat blue haired Juggalo wannabe Emcee
  • Is 1st to kick him in the Balls then spit alcohol into his Eyes
  • Because he was so Unwise to fuck Nova the Doctor
  • The rap melody Monster....ILL battle bar Mobster
  • Like Iceman did for the Family
  • Killed 200 men without a Beat
  • So yo G you better have a plan B
  • Cause your rhymes won’t even make any book of History
  • That’s a flip on your Diss ya puck Bitch
  • I guess Collateral damage is my Gift making you look weak as Shit
  • Now it’s time for my emoji’s Skit :
  • No 8=✊=D💦 or 😽 4 U ever .......


  • i just sacrificed a gnome ምንድን for 6 pounds of gold ወርቅ
  • that wont suffice a bro ወዮ because i need a rich kind of hoe ዋህ
  • my blacksmith chigamraoiea told me to go fuck myself in klingon ቀለበቶች
  • im fucking your brother with my sapphire rings on ቀለበቶች ቀለበቶች
  • im going in, i just drank a potion, my dick just grew an extra 5 inches of skin
  • snakes in my garden, i need my hoes and ima start slitherin ሸለፈት
  • im reading my spells, im in the wells ብልት
  • i just sipped a semen elixir ደህና and that shit didnt smell
  • im closing the spellbook, i like my horse boners well-cooked ቱሪክ
  • i just found a mushroom and im drowning it እንጉዳይ in the toilet in the sacred restroom
  • operation retard, im reaking havoc and chaos ዳክዬ
  • shout out my nigga haitian gerard, አህያ im ripping assholes in 1774 bangkok
  • i need goat penis for this love potion im making ዶሮ your mom drink in front of me
  • eye peed boat between us more diss አልኮል above motion mime waking or bomb stink bin runt dove we
  • nigga im ጭራቅ
  • እሷን በሴት ሆድ አደረጋት
  • we sacrifice retards to cthulu ድመት
  • witch doctor mulu said dont go to the pooloo ውሻ

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