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Bring your A game my G

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  • I heard a nigga named ame was a threat? Well its my turn to send shots now where's your bulletproof vest?
  • They say you're an S/A tier? Im turning up the heat without breaking a sweat. I'll hold you for ransom bitch now you're in debt
  • Causing decapitation, cause this kid didn't have his head-set. I see you're making music i'll keep it from my aux and unplug my headset
  • My nigga your career wont Take-off, so how about you step off-set
  • An old fashioned wild west stand-off, i'll put one bullet to his chrome like Russian roulette
  • You made a song called road to glory? But I'll make sure you fade into obscurity
  • Hey buddy im on the attack, this would be a good time to be like other rappers and hire security
  • Ame needs to vent? Nah after this he will go from denial to PTSD, Enter the shock-therapy
  • By the way my name is xclusive, and if you didn't know it. I'll carve it on your back and make that a bloody prophe-c/prophecy
  • I've seen your verses, and if the best you got is personals, i'm disappointed honestly
  • Im sorry ame, but you ain't a rapper, but at best you're parody.
  • If you really are in "God mode" You shouldn't have 4 losses. But i guess psycho puppet, mottie and baghead really left a blemish
  • I ain't considered the clean up crew, if this dead body here was my wreckage
  • Ame, i shouldn't have to message you on your wall to respond. You clearly got the message
  • They also refer to me as metro, but don't be making jokes if i end up as your mothers caboose
  • I went choo-choo on her tracks, and made sure i hung my dick in her guts like its a noose
  • Imma bring the heat and sun/son this kid, so take the abuse
  • Im causing child endangerment, and yall best not diffuse
  • Xclusive out here causing hell, time to burn ame in a furnace
  • Maybe you really are like timmy turner, out here making wishes but its to be a dead-man walking
  • Rest....In....Peace.... Undertaker type shit
  • But i'll have to bury you alive in our main-event match you little bitch
  • You could've had a 24-0 Wrestlemania streak
  • But its too bad after that psycho-puppet battle it seems you're past your peak!
  • TIME!


  • First off, how about the irony Xclusive never has any new shit?
  • Prolly the type to think he nice cuz he got an A+ on the blueprint
  • A true bitch..face to face with a real vet known to cut and peel necks
  • But even if I was trippin out off MDMA, I still wouldn't feel X!
  • I pound the nouns and beat the verbs, mix and heat the verse
  • The result turns your lines to alphabet soup, now eat your words!
  • What's even worse is I'm not close to finished, watch ya hopes deminish
  • I'm like an actor not playin his role..I'm sayin I'll choke this gimmick
  • It's a ruthless fight..and fuck whoever told this dude to write
  • Beat you one handed, nothin left..looks like you got Xclusive Rights!!
  • This here's a putrid sight, Ame's gone off the hinges again
  • Offend with pen, bars pass judgement, your sentence is in
  • Dead before the sentences is this a fuckin battle?
  • X couldn't handle beef if he spent his whole life touchin cattle
  • Remember vs BXile when I said I'm 6X like filming sex with Vin Diesel?
  • This time I'm 10X better, Mel Gibson knows my Weapons been Lethal
  • Xclusive should change his name to Xcuses, don't start it dude
  • With ya song "Nothings Easy" where even ridin a beats hard for you
  • Like a fuckin fish that froze, you couldn't get with that flow
  • So the only time we'll see X with a straight line is in Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Tried to duck me, now take beatins..ahh fuck me, he ain't breathin
  • 100 battles? Son, don't be'll be lucky to break even
  • Baited into a clever trap and you don't wanna measure facts
  • Last time people wanted to be near X was on treasure maps

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