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  • Little boy tryna get involved
  • Come on then come on then let's get involved you prick
  • Posh boy now wanna rap
  • Posh boy now wanna scrap
  • Posh boy bout to get clapped
  • By the end of the verse you're gonna wish you never did that
  • Wish you never hit back
  • Guernsey's little boy gonna feel it when I get it wid the click click click clack
  • You ain't part of this group, you ain't a man you gook
  • Deciding when to be an actual man
  • While you're too busy faking all the packs
  • And then making racks and spending all of that shit on
  • Now Rosie a sket, and I know that you're listening beginning to sweat
  • Little boy not looking innocent all 'cause he wanna be relevant
  • Tatted my name on my body so you know I'm now in my element, I'm in my element
  • Call me what ever you want, still looking up to me
  • Sidemen the name of the group, all 'cause they needed to help from me


  • A rarity among my peers, opps want to acquire my skills, and dream as such,
  • Enter the MC, I fuse poetry, prose and rap like packing the meanest punch,
  • Your style toxic and dated, no wonder you aint attracting the cleanest bunch,
  • Leave opposition uncertain about their stylo, plots, and mounted strategies,
  • Battling with one who bring defeat, made sure your fans counted tragedies,
  • Competitors jealousy got them plotting boycotts, few ascend to my skill level,
  • Never partaking in a degenerate art form, the true attending to sacred upkeep,
  • About to drop grammar, mystical, indicated deep, make rappers weep,
  • When I rock, call for a change, my vindicated peeps take apple seeds,
  • This game mine, I monopolise poetry in this bitch, I choke and bag her,
  • Enter the scene, never ill prepared, move stealthy toting cloak and dagger,
  • You wack MCs claim talent, house of cards fold when my danger hit you,
  • Imagination unhinged, numerous loose pages in which I pen my anger issues
  • Supply exotic cadence and rhythms which surpass feeble MCs skillset,
  • Entertain the crowd profanely, parking lots of the regal empty MidWest,
  • Yo when I display mastery of these flows, leave aspiring ones incensed,
  • Knowledge of scripture second nature, leave conspiring nuns impressed,
  • Here I make a statement, enemies catch it in my song and hit the pavement,

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