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Just freestyle, you can diss if you choose to but this is just a freestyle battle

Max of 64 lines


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  • The way the caliber goes in one ear and out the other
  • I ain't listenin to the gun shot, now recover
  • My body with a blanket, wait bitch...
  • When did I die, I didn't retain it,
  • take a pick/pic of how you die and paint it
  • If you don't pick Imma warm you up like Chris on Rhiannah
  • Make you spazz out like Lindzay Lohan when nicotine stopped her
  • Kid you seem bothered are you gettin it?
  • Pick how you die before I get my weapon clipped
  • Honestly no matter what I'mm cough on your corps
  • So everyone will stay 6 feet away from you in heaven bitch
  • Like a sem-collin you can get a period frist
  • I'm serious sir! I don't wanna I don't want to Exclam any more
  • You're ex clan wa set in fours, now it's the holy trinity
  • On side I'm stayin on is O-infinty, Holy Jiminy Cricket,
  • Why don't we fuck this like Phsyco'ss said Puppet
  • We both bad different styles i vibe with a choke bag
  • Wrap it around your throat "Oh Gash"
  • Yo relax, hold gasp or get hoe slapped
  • Not pimped, like the flowed wap's
  • Thats a wet ass pussy, like you and Vindicated
  • Rep shmep, I don't give a fuck bout rep either infact I hate it
  • I wish I could disintegrate it, I don't affiliate with
  • The cocky pricks on this frickin site
  • Cause I got an English war soul/sole sorta like the British Knights
  • those are old school but they're fittin, right?
  • That 90's scheme was tight, and you beat me
  • But I'm a square so it'll take 4 of you to be me
  • This flow is a little easy, beleive me
  • Every Eazy fan has this breazy plan to be the man
  • You can be a friend I see you as a big apple
  • enticing when riping but in a minute and 20 seconds...wait fig that out
  • This is end battle and the trend now so wont end nicley
  • Actin like me end fightings but you Lackin NYC
  • So off the island I'm making walk the plank
  • In crocodile infested water mixed with toxic waste
  • Bury you alive with a camera strapped across your face
  • Then come back 2 weeks later and watch the tape
  • You cried like a bitch trying to make the coffin break
  • You died like a bitch instead of trying to concentrate
  • I'm here to depopulate on the red carpet with a sniper rifle
  • Taking out any maniac you nominate
  • So if you see me as soon as you turn the news on
  • Chances are I laid him down like a futon
  • While you at work dealing with groceries and coupons
  • I got your bitch tossing my salad pass the croutons
  • SO Just like a CD plays we'll go round and round till the dance is done
  • I'm really a fan of none see me spray and the phantoms done
  • The Manson heading straight at kins, annd leaving Tate (you)
  • In a non breathing haze, slammin the domn thin' in the gut
  • until the baby dies, what? Eh she can make a brand new one


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  • Benny is about to reach the twenty eya-eya o
  • But don't get it twisted, the uzi's in the lining though
  • I got my finger on the mothafuckin' pistol
  • And get that pussy when i took her to the funeral
  • But i'm giving it foundation when i write lyric
  • Checked her pulse then took off fuck calling the cops call me a dick,
  • Bitch i can't let goi been strugglin' too long, thuggin' too longand niggas is stealing my shit
  • These girls are my world told her get out of here i took her to my place i started
  • Daddy took my last money to buy presents for her, and i feel so screwed
  • And stabbing this ice cube look-a-like to show you a nigga with attitude
  • Did the model, took a flight to the golden state
  • Do it with no effort, now lets effin' celebrate
  • Pass it round, counter-clock, let her show her titties, stop
  • My j-o-b to roast or fry this age old beef till the mic is h-o-t,
  • So i crawled to the highway of life and took another route.
  • The owner bout to prosecute, the niggas tell her that she's cute

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