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Rappad Written Tournament Round 1 Khay vs AAGhostryder 16-18 battle bars No paragraphs no Beats

Max of 18 lines


E-ZKhay won this battle!


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Battle on November 10 2020


  • I told you to Bring Your Own Bars with a name like Ghostryder, I ain't surprised if you plagiarized
  • You're watered down, I'll make vapor-rise, I'll send ya to the sky, heavens gate, and let fate decide
  • You claimed to be Lecrae but you went against the Bible
  • Your lips have always lied you've been dishonest since your arrival
  • You blamed your "brother" for your lies cause you don't have the cojones to take the blame
  • AA is for quiters so call up your ghostwriter, and quite this game
  • There's a difference between acknowledgment and robbery
  • The only skill you have is copy-pasting and mockery
  • You run to Puppet for feedback, why so he can shake his head in disappointment
  • I spit bars towards a kid who doesn't stand a chance of getting a W, this is pointless
  • I'll make crowds scream "Ghost lives matter" in the past tense, make ya afterlife a crisis
  • I'll make you tear a wrist/terrorist, like Isis,
  • border hoping, I'll show you what ICE is
  • You crossed the line, Like an immagrent, I'll make you cross over to the other side
  • You overstepped the bounderies, got ya head in the clouds, ya so high you "look down at me"
  • On the mic I'ma gladiator, I met ya’ girl, I’m glad I ate her, went down on her like an elevator.


  • No way ghostryder plagiarized, no way I would do something so dehumanized
  • Why plagiarize? Cuz even when I spit whack shit I gotcha mesmerized,
  • no way you can make vapor rise when the fire that I spit gotcha vaporized
  • Just cuz you change in a phone booth doesn't mean that ya Clark Kent
  • I'm ya kryptonite, I'm ya Lex Luthor nah we ain't friends
  • you praying for a win? you hopeful bastard, this novice actor think he got me cause I dont usually battle roblox rappers
  • this the final chapter, I blow this bitches spine and back out, and send him to the chiropractor
  • Actually AA stands for my Anointed Arrival, i wanted a battle, a fight for my survival
  • but instead you got so scared you ran to your dad to ride him like a motorcycle
  • I bars hit ya so hard you got lit like a candle, thought you was so high well i sunk you like an anvil, Im drippin like the wick it gotcha thinkin' "wow ghost is really wicked"
  • I know i aint perfect cuz i jack, i rob, i sin fuck you, I'm jackie robinson 'cept when i crack yo head when i got the pen
  • Battlin you was EZer than eatin' cake, don't hate on me because you'll never be great
  • My heated bars gotcha burnin' up like the candle light, ever figure out the reason your still at 7k rep? Oh i did its cuz your a fake
  • im giving him his clown pass, this cheesy nigga caught in the mouse trap
  • better back out, you lack clout, you garbage, im tossing you out back
  • Yeah there's other stars, but for real I'm the only one, I'm on fire, I got my own emoji son
  • I've been shot at many times but the bullets never reach me
  • Khay are you listenin'? You are beneath me

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