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Written Tournament Round 1

Max of 18 lines


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  • Another lil yungin’ gunnin’ to make a name
  • Here I’ll give you somethin’ to commit to your grave
  • And no I don’t play like I did in my old days
  • Nickname was OJ cause I liked to make throats spray
  • So lettuce commence like we Romaine
  • Remember I’m king of the hill cause I’m pro pain but just a little more profane in my old age
  • Lil zoomer bitch who only cooms for dick
  • Consumes a whole tube of lubricant jist to prove he’s rich
  • Who chooses a pseudonym that concludes he’s a kid
  • His mom comes bustin’ in like wtf is this?!
  • Another charge on my credit card I’m fuckin’ pissed
  • My own kid is just some retard who likes suckin’ dick
  • I’m not surprised you’re gay but the neighbors complained that
  • You may have the oil of olay that layed next to their daybed
  • Anyways man it seems like you got family issues
  • But hey I’ll clean’em up like a brand of tissues
  • I got this standard issue SIG which can chew through tissue
  • Just stand back while I mad cap your damn dad, pet crab, and that whore eating Xanax


  • Smile it's the truth when I'm rhyming over loops
  • While you be rhyming about your troops
  • And that is the truth
  • Ain't that the truth? your bulletproof off the roof
  • But truth be truth and I got the proof
  • Raised as a youth tell the truth I got the scoop
  • So why you turn your back on the truth?
  • Ain't that the truth? I'm bulletproof off the roof
  • To talk the truth to you

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