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Battle on February 19 2021


  • Smile it's the truth when I'm rhyming over loops
  • While you be rhyming about your troops
  • And that is the truth
  • Ain't that the truth? your bulletproof off the roof
  • But truth be truth and I got the proof
  • Raised as a youth tell the truth I got the scoop
  • So why you turn your back on the truth?
  • Ain't that the truth? I'm bulletproof off the roof
  • To talk the truth to you


  • Damn,another simp queen replaces 50k bhaddie
  • Another preteen in need of a daddy
  • (Fuck That Shit)
  • Go have your boyfriends simp this shit
  • But there is no denying the truth that I spit
  • Give it up folks, another lele on this site that's a bitch
  • Even if I dont win this, I just initiated the KillSwitch
  • Triedto battle me and you started to choke
  • Divisive battle, cut you in two like Supreme Leader Snoke
  • Maybe you shoulda used your fucking head before you spoke
  • Rapping about money but it's obvious you are broke
  • (Fuck That Shit)
  • So before you get all cocky
  • Pay respect the real musical artists because I'm Ghandi
  • No need fore nudes, prefer it if you didn't call me papi
  • Blow up your career worse than motherfucking Nagasaki

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