Battles  Essennel vs Content


This rap is for Round 1 of the written tournament hosted by EZ-Khay I believe the only rules were 16-18 bars

Max of 18 lines


Essennel won this battle!


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  • Read the Table of Contents first, to see how this content works
  • I got the punchlines but the content's worse
  • Do not be cursed by this losers misdirection
  • He has no connections not to go and mention
  • The stupid suit he uses for attention
  • And remember back a year ago, when I wasn't near a pro
  • Psycho said to fear the flow, but Content had to hear it though
  • Tried to battle Psycho and he made you his puppet dude
  • Doubt me, I'll press the issue, diss you, and the judges too
  • Black Fruit's light flow sucked, you can suck it too
  • You act confused, you suck, Content's on a lame trip but I insist
  • Go ahead and get stuck trynna name flip a word that don't exist
  • My rhymes just blew his mind, head explodes, a fatality
  • You just dream to beat me, just know that dream is not a reality
  • I'm stacking dough and porcelain you in New Orleans packin your rags
  • I mix it up and switch it up and put the Content back in the bag


  • we got different medians, we follow different oaths,
  • We got a different range of functions, what I mean? different modes
  • Numbers we put out on average, seem to follow different codes,
  • Why?, values, X-factors, like how you use alts to shift the votes,
  • Check the math, I got this mc squared like I'm solving for energy,
  • Mass? zero, and with how I see you op he got no integrity,
  • got the crowd thinking you do God's plan but you got no inner chi,
  • How you fucked your rep up with misconduct, think, Zacharia heresey
  • heard you were a holy man, packing with the essentials,
  • But you got no spirit, no plan, and wholly lacking with the credentials,
  • Herd thought the body was a holey man, guide to greater potential,
  • But there's a price to pay for idols, now you gotta die for them, wait... is sin nulled then?
  • Nah, Essennel couldn't be father to the son , got no light or trilogy
  • He a false prophet, the body couldn't afford the eulogy,
  • How godly I speak these words, I'm in his head like I'm doing psychology,
  • The Content creator that brings life, boy I'm the start of your theology
  • So if anyone think he gonna beat me, imma need an apology,
  • you're not suppose to put man before God, that's not how you do Christology

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