Battles  SadboyZac vs JESODIST


8 Lines, this is my first battle in like a month. Be ready, I've been grinding. I been recording, posting on here

Max of 8 lines


SadboyZac won this battle!


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  • Man I aint battled in like four weeks.. Got em quiet like in the room when the door creaks
  • i been busy, now im buzzin like four bees. I'm on the top shelf, stay on the floor please.
  • lifes a movie, yours a trailer, I'm the savior. Come join the dark side, they call me Darth Vader
  • Bitch I majored in Rapanomics, smoking chronic sippin on some demonic tonic
  • I'm way ahead of the game they taking notes now, this is wavy flowing smooth feel like a boat now
  • check my soundcloud I upload on it everyday, stay up late, split cake, with my brethren
  • working twenty four seven, plenty more snacks at 7/11, give us energy to write
  • all night, rhyming til the suns climbing up, and shining, we came from the trenches so the ladder I am climbing.


  • Hey there emcee Sad boy, I'm hard to beat like a rap Toy
  • Exploding the field and shield When a bar Deploy
  • With so much magic you'll think it's Harry vs Malfoy
  • Its coming with hoards of mid evil attacks like the Horse of Troy
  • You can't Match the Ploy, I make you believe it's All Joy
  • This is me seasoning a chicken like a chef so I brought Soy sauce to combine, having to Destroy you in ya dad's Convoy
  • Leave you dried and fried to ashes Till you look like clouds of dust under a galloping Cowboy
  • I'm way beyond your league flying in a spaceship like Elroy :)

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