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Written Rap only, No Recording Can use beat

Max of 64 lines


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  • Yeah...i’ma bout to pop out,
  • bust open in ya face like squeezin’ a can of biscuits...
  • No Homo
  • Makin’ rappers hold these L's, come take this cannibus shit
  • I'm a rapper who eats rappers, i'm cannibalistic
  • You see I ball, i'm ballistic
  • These other rappers fake, i'm realistic
  • This gun shoot and pop you in the face,
  • leave ya cheek bloody red, no stain from lipstick
  • Like Champage bottles, shits gon pop off
  • Scooping shitty rappers up, as they get dropped off
  • Yall make me sick cause y’all suck, I need a cough drop
  • Its YLG and bitch I’m poppin’...
  • like popcorn, no matter how much you rapper's eyes contant me,
  • y’all cant see me like Hopsin
  • I make yo eyes pop out like Popeye
  • Like Fetty Wap, i’ll have a rapper cock-eyed
  • All eyes on me, jumping eyes like the lamp on Pixar
  • You rappers are my protein, I’m eatin’ them like a Fig-bar
  • Roll up on a rapper...light and burn em to ashes,
  • like smoking a cigar
  • It’s Rappad’s finest and i’ma really pop out,
  • like a turtle heading out, that been in his shell too long
  • Rappers gettin’ schooled, i’ma make em flunk, fail, and dropout
  • Y’all ain't man, just bitches tryna be like Mulan
  • It's like niggas forgot about me, well i’ma re-freshin’ ya memory
  • Make ya remember me, for the next century like i’m ancient history
  • You rappers history...thats lost, and i’ve had it...
  • with you rappers, y’all gettin’ damaged
  • I beat the beat up and knock it off balance
  • Some of you rappers get beat by beats,
  • like Po fightin’ raddish...
  • In Kung Fu Panda 2, y’all get on stage and bomb like Tiffany Haddish
  • Another beat I slaughtered,
  • tho it’s not remixed... it is remastered


  • Hop over, run backwards, with a knap sack of green supreme hats
  • Help out a friend who's living with the rats and eating scraps
  • Help out a friend who's living with the rats and eating scraps
  • Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a benz
  • They can't see me, i'm like the team that brought brett back
  • With a much smaller heap and the same size stack
  • Black women hold it down shawty, it's all love
  • Smashin giant mcs to the size of infants
  • Im calming down and having a rage that i really fucking need
  • So my outlook's dim and my house is eventually without any heat
  • Rap is easier than having rats to please with mac & cheese
  • Is it the money or my marriage or media peace
  • Taking krakkens down the size of sequoia trees
  • We skip college, chase dollars and black pennies

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