Battles  lil_bad-ass vs Revenant


No cursing, Good luck and have fun. It has to be recored

Max of 18 lines


Revenant won this battle!


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  • I don't even curse to do extreme damage.
  • After all, the curse words are only extra baggage.
  • But cursing or not, I'm tryna decipher the reason why.
  • I'm not eleven years-old i'm 12 that has been allowed on this website.
  • I'm gonna show you just how bad a battle can be.
  • You say you make "straight A's", after this, you'll barely make D's.
  • In this battle, whatever pride you had, I'm gonna break it.
  • Being a waste of rappin is definitely something you should get an A in.
  • Whatever retarded tricks you try against me simply won't work.
  • I'll bet you're the type of little brat that reminds the teacher of rappin.
  • So I'm just gonna end it here, this battle was your fall.
  • And thanks to you, I just got another win on my wall.


  • Another win on your wall?
  • Girl you have one
  • At this point I'm just spittin for fun
  • You think in this battle I won't be the one?
  • To win
  • Heres a wheel now take a spin
  • Guessing my grades just like russian roulette
  • I'm in middle school kiddo do you want to bet?
  • I'm just out here battling on the internet
  • Writing these raps not even breaking a sweat
  • When you lose this then you'll be upset
  • Just gonna take another L and then regret
  • I won't be mean to you so I won't make threats
  • But before trying to spit make it out the projects
  • Maybe grow some breasts
  • With that type of rap I'm not impressed
  • This is just a little battle don't get all depressed
  • But now that you're battling me it's a true test

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