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  • i have been on a search i will fight till i collapse because i'm a sucker for pain
  • how i see it we all got a fight till the end i know one now that i'm dealing with as i'm coping with it
  • i gotta get out alive so i don't die by my guy hazard he wouldn't try to hurt me tho
  • i will stand and fight till the end like a popular monster i been bitten with venom so take me to church
  • the surge of power is fading i managed to stop a flood all i want is fame is that so hard to ask for
  • being hardcore is nothing like what i did i could destroy the world with my power if i deem it so
  • i fight for the glory we are not alike for you fight for blood i am Arthur Pendragon the king of britain i fight for my name and y honor
  • yo Oracle pop off on this shit man
  • //_oracle_'s verse\\
  • too much of or peoples, blood has been drawn and for are sacrifice we get nothing we are was just ponds
  • for the king but know were about to bring the pain if we kill him we have so much to gain
  • the people who have imprisoned us will be slain and their heads will be put on spikes
  • its are to time to strike them where it hurts we will stay on the outskirts ready to attack
  • once we do it there is no turning back but we half to for the freedom we will leave there empire bleeding
  • and we won't stop til there beaten and we rain victorious are victory will be glorious


  • im sinGle when im lit i got 2 white chicks sike me and my squad gone take flight i go by all mighty i get girls but one girl is my world all these haters tryna step in but they just creating me and them fakers is baking my son a cake u know me and my crew is in first place
  • o wait did u forgot this not a race you know me and the Mad squad if u mess with me your mom gone join the sad squad
  • i get girls when i get rich im gone buy myself some lv shirts broke ppl mad cause im getting rich my homeboys gone get
  • a rose royce MAD squad destroying who ever step in my path my lyrics is like aftermath all these demons agry
  • cause they cant over take me im so powerful idk need a ladder though

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