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  • OK its been six months since ive been on RapPad
  • And so far its hasnt been that bad
  • But just lookin these very new rappers
  • Make me mad that i left just to go be a trapper
  • I still got the style and i got the drip
  • I could make a song in 3 days and make a hit
  • But the Last song i made was about Atlantian suckin dick
  • I dont know if yall remember him, but he was trash
  • And he had a ghost writer, and it didnt last
  • Now tell me if im right or if im wrong
  • But imma bout to pass out while smokin this bong
  • I had a bitch that i met on here and she was kinda thick
  • but i dont trust these hoes unless they let me get a lick
  • Look
  • Im not trynna diss or nun of that
  • Im just trynna get my fuckin reputation back
  • Yea i took a girl too the crib and i had fun with that
  • Now come and get ya mother back im done with that


  • And take him to a place that i'm sure we all can blow up, boom
  • My last decision weakens as cursing loud in my tomb,
  • Big money, i’m talking bad hoes
  • No, no, we are not those
  • Got me rushed to the station
  • No affiliation
  • No lames, no lies, no compromise
  • Who know this be the life that i really live
  • No conscience, no need for resilience
  • Baptized in eternal fire i'll shed so many tears
  • I remember when i used to bust a mack with my eyes closed
  • He started cursing everyone, people he don't know both young and old
  • No money no talk,no energy no walk
  • Shorty i'm a dog don't handle no broad

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