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  • Yo its me again
  • Show me 11 digits baby gal,
  • If my mouth had ears it will have a tooth canal,
  • Not something I would be asking for,
  • When your girl comes back she will be on my door,
  • How many times about 1,2,3 and 4,
  • weirdos be lurking in the corridors,
  • And i will be saying that he is yours,
  • And yes she is going through the menopause,
  • And yes i will be going to the shores,
  • You we be claiming that the idea was yours,
  • Gal be helping you on the floor.
  • Chopsticks,
  • Chicken chow mein with no extras,
  • 1 bat,
  • 1 tit,
  • 4 kits, and how could you say that's fit,
  • It just clicks,
  • With chicks,
  • No dicks,
  • Come at me when i'm slick,
  • Get knocked over by a flick,
  • I go knock over a bottle,
  • Things have 2 meanings,
  • Not on definition throttle,
  • Playing basketball like Yao Ming,
  • Now imma stop now run me the ting.


  • fuck the haterz, fuck the doubters
  • We gotta get back to what really matters
  • Ravishing, Rick Rude of rappin you bastards
  • Whole time, a little more girls
  • Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years
  • She likes the way it hits her lips
  • She say that she bussin
  • When she really jerkin' off nuttin'
  • This private property posted so I'm bussin clips
  • Golf Wang kill them all nigga, triple six
  • (Six minutes, six minutes)
  • Got stretch marks like she got four kids
  • You can hear it in my lyrics
  • The .45 for you bitches with nine lives
  • killin innocent lives like abortions
  • momma couldn't afford #abortions now you guess who's just an #orphan.
  • left her to fuck your momma
  • now i'm leavin clips at your doorsteps from my choppa.

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