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  • yo Girl got ears like a dwarf.
  • got me mobbing more than any Mob
  • when 50 took back his porsche
  • , Im kevin Durant,
  • the king of Hoarse....
  • I'm rocket Ishmail
  • Notre Dame
  • without the Fame.
  • but fame looks at you strange/
  • folks tell me , look ahead/
  • all i see is red
  • Like any johnson living in compton
  • I wonder will the game ever change .
  • and will things be OK
  • i wish a speedy recovery for Klay in the bay
  • and Dre
  • Ayo, Frotta need his ears back , Shorty.
  • here's that Naughty
  • youre stuck inside the Treach
  • unless you know somebody.
  • who could remove the hex.
  • NFL
  • i'm Ryan Rex
  • i'm eying checks
  • It aint Over
  • It's a Marathon
  • I'm Ermias
  • and yall admiring
  • the Mayan necklace around my neck.
  • from Black man to Sam
  • , brother, this who i am.
  • On God..this who ..I Am
  • heavens Hustle
  • , I lost a couple
  • when the rockets chose
  • wall instead of Russle.


  • a corrupt pope Benedict on mayhem, dick cupped in hands
  • ready to pipe em down your fucking throat
  • if i hear you say one word critiquing me
  • roll your eyes (Roll 'i') steadily
  • over the letters i spray, i'ts like a warning sign ⚠️ (!, rolled 'i')
  • i'ma rest em down with my wrist swings with a little twist added..
  • i'ma give it a second for you to think that bar out //
  • defeating me is obscene, a false alarm on the scene
  • been through too many levels and clutched wins
  • over many wannabes and a few actual MCs
  • they run off when I return on the beat,
  • and get back on when I turn my back on the beef
  • they're something that comes after me, my dependent genes
  • and that's a fact. no if, and or maybes
  • so the only time you are ever going to see me lose,
  • is when you see me in the ring against me
  • you do not have the juice to fuck with me; I ain't your cup of tea //
  • gun smoke, gun smoke! underquoting your death note
  • think you da goat, bitch better keep your eyes low when we on roll
  • 2 packs caught, got me spend 2 nights in jail with 2 Chainz on
  • i don't do trap, but i spray flow like AK clips tipped with ammo
  • don't need no glamour, Lambos, no M's, no Mercedes
  • i smoke OGs, this mad hatter yapping and i tell them come lick this honey
  • yelling "drop the pen and swig some liquor!"
  • "will never make a Nickle, annoying"- says this pimp mister
  • pretend like Luther Van, but to rap he barely relates
  • this wood splinter in my hand is like a pistol with hairpin trigger
  • clap, clutch, boom! and you're a dead tomb if you misbehave
  • every lyric against me is a deadly sin quick payback
  • and i'll make sure to deliver it with pain
  • been ripping this shit since the first day, so you better switch your lane
  • and i don't wanna hear you complain! //
  • my brain is coexisting in parallel universes
  • I'm raising 3 bars on the same verses, 3-D's on your papers
  • take aim(aem) off the sight, and the 'same word' becomes sword
  • at this point in time, its all clouds and dust to 99 cent ya'll.. busted
  • caught you on scheme red-handed, eyes banded ya'll blind
  • looking but not seeing , I'm locking ya'll behind the bars
  • neat without beat, no glocks only cloaks, cursed with my verses //
  • "do i ever run out of lines?", the answer was "Never"
  • but you know, about it, i had to tryout to be kinda clever
  • so i started sliding my next line,
  • took a card out of his deck, used it to my edge
  • as a Mastercard, handed him his ace in the next batch
  • rolled-out dollar bill, and slid it across the line the whole time
  • until its all up my nostrils, put a hole in the septum
  • all up to my cerebrum //
  • // 'line' used as double entendre, 'line' as line of a verse and
  • // as a 'line' of coc

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