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  • ok,ok looksie i came in this bitch to slay
  • im already battling bitches and its only my first day
  • ill take yo nigga and lick him,make him call me bae
  • thats all i got for now so have a good rest of your day


  • sweetheart who is you im assuming this ur first battle
  • Just warning you these niggas call me a snake they get scared when they hear that rattle
  • Even the best niggas call me G.O.A.T because i stand away from the cattle
  • I carry these niggas on my back even tho i dont come with a saddle
  • I aint gone bash on you bitch i dont even know who you are
  • Yea this a bind battle but i bet yo shit still bizarre
  • Most of these rappers dont know me yet but one day ima be a star
  • Why?Cuz i come up with shit so quick its faster than NASCAR
  • 0 Followers 0 Rep and 0 fucking flow
  • I would give you a couple bucks to go buy some but sadly they dont come in a stoe
  • Im not tryna be mean but when ya girl battles she puts on a show
  • Its funny cuz ik you looking at shit and your ass still saying, whoa

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