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  • We get the bread and the crumbs, young money
  • Try me, battle me. crybaby, wannabe.
  • They fucking me and loving me
  • Headband endo, ya'll ain't ready
  • Third ward general, young cash money
  • Hurt me harm me, cut me scar me,
  • Girls try ta rush me touch me love me
  • Plottin' don’t even worry
  • Come near me (come near me)
  • Please boo what's your size crazy
  • Hopin' that my niggas see
  • You raised me, amazed me, praised me.
  • Invading me are eating me
  • My lady, my baby
  • Try to call me (try to call me)
  • So while the world goes drake crazy.


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  • I woulda done anything for my own
  • So is dr. j and moses malone
  • Come on girl, close your eyes pretend that your home
  • This nigga jasper trying to get grown
  • I date a white girl soundin' black on the phone
  • I'll whip a 750 if it's black on chrome
  • I'm definitely in a class of my own
  • Girlfriends, groupies, then i'm all alone
  • She like, girl you wrong running away from home
  • I'm winning cause ricky made my mistakes known
  • Getting brain when i’m talking on the phone
  • Drink whatever's left, kill the pussy, tombstone
  • Yeah, he blowing up your cell phone
  • I got a love jones for your body and skin tone
  • Whenever i'm through, you already on the phone
  • And firm his beliefs... his heart made of stone
  • The kings get killed very least overthrown
  • And don't you bring your camera phone
  • You gon' miss a good thing, end up bitter alone
  • She ain't tryna go low, go head home
  • But i be like for real, just pick up that phone
  • My heart too dark, i’m so gone, delete my phone
  • Don’t hit my twitter, leave me alone
  • Yup, hit e.t up on the cell phone
  • For the dough you'll be like doe, stuck at home
  • Mami told me son, hold your own
  • And one day you're gone grow to be a rolling stone
  • Better than college, after that, students home
  • Hit towns with coke, a .45 blue as chrome
  • And you acting grown, doggy you ain't back at home
  • Born alone, work alone, die alone
  • Fuck the source, i'm on cover of rolling stone
  • Gets older, bolder, and cold cause he's left alone
  • You left your nigga on his own
  • You gotta learn how to walk on your own
  • Matter fact, my connection's pretty weak at home
  • I don't need to see their faces when i've finally blown,
  • She's rejecting all of me, my true self is what i've shown.
  • I'm just another corporate clone
  • Cable tv, electric methadone
  • My electric methadone
  • When i go to the tittie bar u kno i take 2 home
  • I get called up but i hear no phone
  • And i don't like walking all alone,
  • Yo you ever feel alone?

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