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  • (ƊƦnoṾ₳ Verse 2)
  • When I mean Mug I always flex my Teeth
  • Best Believe I’m gonna Lex up some Superman Grief
  • People screaming Doc why you gotta Cut the Beef
  • Cut the Cheese 💨🤢🤮 (I’m not sorry cause)
  • I have a Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • When I See Emcees mic skill Deficient
  • With Wack barz missing Content
  • Advice and Consent to believe your Self-Existent my Friend
  • Your just ILL-Relevant lame Indefinite
  • Like a under funded housing Development
  • Earth Wind Water Fire and I am the 5 Element
  • (Big Bada Boom) Inside joke so Soon
  • As we heading to a party on the Darkside of the Moon
  • To listen blue skin Alien sing some space Opera
  • But somebody pass me that bottle of Contra spicy Vodka
  • Or I gonna have to Pop-A-Locka then Sock Ya in your left Cheek
  • Then treat you nasty like one of them 50 Shades Freak
  • Fuck getting L(s) shit can cut Deep you See
  • Call me a W Collector for Rounds 1, 2 & 3
  • Your diss(s) are Beginner level Elementary
  • ĐƦ ᑎ✺ᐯᗩ’s barz are straight Legendary
  • PT Beating Me in a battle is Impossible Technically
  • Mathematically this Reality would & never will Be
  • See I got better barz & better looking fans & even a better Tv
  • I got bigger account in a bigger bank & I’m even better then
  • You at Karate🖕
  • Your just the karate kid & I’m a Master Miyagi
  • Bars are Subpar creative only if you read it Backwards
  • His test score was 1 point from retarded on basic IQ Standards
  • Are you Dumb or Dyslexic
  • With a name like Poetic Think
  • you would Think your barz would be more Authentic
  • living life completely Pathetic must be Genetic
  • So try to ✞ℍîИƘ more PøƎ✞îℂ when your bar Bustin
  • or you’ll feel Consequential Repercussion
  • Roasting your weak barz in a Disgusting dutch Oven 😷😆
  • The Doctor recommends this treatment for your mental Dysfunction
  • BECAUSE....
  • All of a Sudden all your weak barz are starting to Malfunction
  • About how gangster thug out your Image you’ve been Frontin
  • Round 2 ĐƦ ᑎ✺ᐯᗩ straight Weaken this Ken Kaniff Heathen
  • Sitting in the middle of a jack off circle so Badly Beaten
  • on top of Anal biscuit drenched in 5 guys Semen 🙊😳🥺🤫🤢🤮🤣
  • (Hook)
  • If you count the skeletons in his Closet
  • Glitter on his bed with Used Anal beads under his Faucet
  • Then you would know if he completely lost it
  • Is he nuts? -- NO, he's just Gay...


  • Shit motherfucker you call an emcee
  • M3 gen z spray you with a bar spree
  • I could get more competition from a baby
  • *Scratching* you ain't no slim shady
  • Bitch we ain't on the same level
  • Devil bars this ain't no metal
  • Make em go mental
  • When I murder the instrumental
  • Someday I'll live to my potential
  • Meantime I'll murder you with a pencil
  • Better at karate and you call that a punchline
  • I rapped better than you when I was nine
  • S/O Einstein
  • e equals m c square
  • But I can't see no m c where
  • Better fucking say your prayer
  • I carry bars like I carry my pair
  • Inside your bitches mouth while you sit down and stare
  • Bitch let's end it now you ain't no lex no sup no Miyagi
  • But I'm dropping you nukes like you were Kawasaki bitch

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