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pop off, have fun

Max of 20 lines


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  • Rubbish attacks, my chaps got choppas in-hand, fighting
  • Publish tracks, but ya raps like my doctor’s hand-writing
  • Inciting violence, Penn. Ave. Cap., no moment of silence
  • Cape Canaveral, a bullet to your head space for science
  • Holy mackerel! Pull it back bro, too much smack yo'; be tactful
  • You're a fractal attacking with infinite battle rapping
  • Whacking these clacking Robin's like smacking Batman
  • Strapped and loaded, nuclear codes in flows is super imposing
  • Exploding is the crowd as they listen to his rambles
  • Shambles as the pound by pound champ makes examples
  • Round by round, mammals vandaled, sandals flying
  • Crying, La chancla in the air, someone's ass is dying
  • Eggs frying in the back on the stove with some toast
  • With some milk and some jelly cause I love it the most...
  • "Homie... why the fuck are you talking about death and food."
  • "Is this some morbid juxtaposition for your appetite towards murdering your opponents?"
  • "Nah homie, I'm just high as fuck."
  • "Me too."
  • haha
  • Enjoy this Corny™ rap :-)


  • You asked me to "pop off", well that's what happens every time I say a line,
  • And you're the next to get it, so you had better say goodbye,
  • You say you like technical bars, then you'll love the bars I mass produce,
  • And you called yourself a battle rapper, well I guarantee in this battle you'll lose,
  • Cause I'm a better battle rapper than you, my wordplay's fucking awesome,
  • When I'm done with you, you'll be wishing that your father had worn a condom,
  • You bought up Cape Canaveral, well I used to live there as a child,
  • Rocket launches are all I saw throughout my childhood, day and night,
  • So it only makes sense that I possess the skill to blast these words
  • In your direction, and when they hit you, you'll explode in midair like the Challenger,
  • Speaking of the space program, who started that? John F Kennedy,
  • You'll die in a similar way that he did, bullet to the head, Rest In Peace,
  • Faggot please, you honestly think you could beat me, you're a disgrace!
  • The only thing more pathetic than your bars is your 25% win rate!
  • I could go on, but for now, ending this shit would be better,
  • So feast your eyes on the champ before I close them forever,

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