Battles  JasonBryan vs TooSense


must be recorded and acapella

Max of 38 lines


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  • You could have a gun raised,
  • I'd be unfazed, its a pump fake
  • you're just chump change
  • And you're mundane, I'm the untamed,
  • Toosense is too dense to sense
  • That henceforth he's a spent force,
  • Bent forth as his pen scrawles
  • All his retorts and his insults,
  • he's a retard and an incel
  • I might flip this coin the bird,
  • As I'm poised to destroy his worth
  • Bit this coin in half, he's just poison man
  • This boy is lead, he's not even copper
  • He's in deeper water, than Judas Priest in Reno Nevada
  • I'll have you sleep with piranhas
  • My credo is honor before seeking nirvana
  • Its why I place this wreath for my partner
  • Toosense he just got slaughtered
  • Taken apart, grave is unmarked
  • Its time to break the facade
  • you're not as great as you thought
  • I see you scraping just to pay me homage
  • I only accept paper or card
  • as a payment when trading them bars


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  • Some say one bad decision can make a man..Who they kidding, Ill stick the tip of my BIC in and bring the bitch out in um
  • Got a Note Book that depicts my relationships with a Ball Points an fine point BICs un capped and my strugle to pick
  • Compositions got my compition breathless and jealous of Toos relationships
  • Sense flips a script that get wanna be MCs sniveling like a chick flick
  • So cry me a river bitch! Think your N-Sync that's nonsense. When Too Steps, My lines dance quick trips up your Two Left feet like a clumsy bitch
  • You Urban Cowboys TAP quick, FLAT ass FLOW when a TILT comes to HEAD, A bunch of DIVE BARS...Buy another round
  • Your Bars-Stole Straight Shit , you can't sit at the Round Table you Autistic Authers (Arthurs)
  • SOFA KiNGS WE TAR DID so sick of these Special Olympians spiting in circles wit no substance
  • Unoriginality surrounds a circle of nothings gum bumping a bunch of Ass-Sumptions, his win streaks need bleech, His Skids Brief in the ring
  • This Clown aint IT ..You couldn't elevate with a helium tank and 99 red balloons tied around your dick
  • Your Gutter flow stinks like a Man Hole Your Penny Rhymes don't float around here asshole
  • Nightmares are born in battle, .Silence the lamps I led to Slaughter, Where the skins of my victim's so I feel younger
  • Pop you Cherries in the Bush like Barns on Ambush, Penetrate This Puss in boots
  • Memberships exclusive up here..Sense on a tier with peers who commandeer you Green John Deers with no pull
  • Got more heart then 10 men when I click back the pen and expose the tip, MY penmanship Out Pen Men and make JUMP SHIP QUICK
  • Climb aboard were expecting you, Tender Bars like Ted Knight

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