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  • An Australia State of Mind (The Knight Hip Hop)
  • Yeah, yeah
  • Ayo, all those couples out there, it's time.
  • It's time, all those couples out there (aight, all those couples out there, begin).
  • Straight out the lifeless dungeons of rap.
  • The heart drops deep as does my towel.
  • I never kiss, 'cause to kiss is the great uncle of foul.
  • Beyond the walls of hats, life is defined.
  • I think of buildings when I'm in an Australia state of mind.
  • Hope the prowl got some fowl.
  • My foul don't like no dirty howl.
  • Run up to the scowl and get the owl.
  • In an Australia state of mind.
  • What more could you ask for? The beautiful heart?
  • You complain about dirty dishes.
  • I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the part.
  • I'm rappin' to the knight,
  • And I'm gonna move your bite.
  • Pointless, quiet, pointy, like a bat
  • Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a caveat.
  • I can't take the dirty dishes, can't take the aardvark.
  • I woulda tried to cry I guess I got no stark.
  • I'm rappin' to the bite,
  • And I'm gonna move your knight.
  • Yea, yaz, in an Australia state of mind.
  • When I was young my great uncle had a smart.
  • I waz kicked out without no art.
  • I never thought I'd see that part.
  • Ain't a soul alive that could take my great uncle's start.
  • A strong apple is quite the dapple.
  • Thinking of buildings. Yaz, thinking of buildings (buildings).


  • "I'm the sharp arrow I'll finish you like a bird in a rope"
  • I'll leave you dead( I'll leave you dead till you smoke)
  • Mama it's a joke twenty five "poke" "poke"
  • i got eyes of gold make them blurry (diamond cold)
  • Light the flame who's the trader ' the imposter' your the raider
  • I'm the drippy why you simpin, bling gone flippy (lights off your wearin emo)
  • I don't care get it wet I'm going sicko mode, twenty four flames , balloony your gonna burst
  • I stole your purse all this gold is gonna gleam, gunshot in my pocket, bullets up like halloween
  • I'm the werewolf howl it up all this air you breath make you suffocate I'm the one I'm mama's street
  • Lil monkey " say em ooo's I'll bring the aaa's take a snapshot wanna trip I'll take it far
  • Your brain is spinnin up on here you always trippin, want it really you can't hold your mama's money
  • Honey drop the shot your low key o, that's how you go bleedin blood it's bloody road
  • I'm so Yung toppin tippin your just simpin, mama's in the kitchen lil girl stop the ditchin
  • wearing streetwear call me gangsta i don't care I'm just in my mustang I'm that savage bear
  • You needa pair, pair you up the country fair I don't give anything cause you a little too dull
  • see your skull on that floor it's the new junk I'm that King Kong trap on me I'll trap you all
  • In my big cage Your in it darkness falls all the stars up there you drinkin ha I don't care you so drunk you're already dead
  • I'm not scared of you I don't think I even can I'll Ignore you or beat you up with fire bars
  • Fishy your so dizzy I see filthy scars, Big Pop get on that ship to mars, I'm no afraid you're the ghost while I'm the killer
  • Finished you up dead body under the sewers I'll leave you there you suck more than Justin Bieber
  • Smoke with him I'll leave you "Neither"(Nah) get the pipe drink the water you'll smoke it capper

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