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No cursing, no more than 19 lines, have fun and good luck ;)

Max of 19 lines


Essennel won this battle!


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  • Everybody would look good compared to you, even T-Pain would, you ain't seem hood
  • Half your lines don't rhyme and your schemes ain't good
  • You're songs so boring they put me to sleep, but this Dream ain't good
  • You tried to battle AttaDaMecca who ain't shatterin records
  • Still lost by eleven votes, you're a forever joke
  • Just a confident Mr. Incompetent, tried to snort coke and choked on smoke
  • But right before Atta, Canine ate you
  • you got one vote he clicked the wrong side, this site hates you
  • That feature with Chicago made you
  • You set yourself up and then Lil_Yung played you
  • Half the Demons Freestyle didn't even rhyme
  • I read that and started laughing so hard I started crying, dying, listening to you trying
  • Making a sad attempt at finding a beat to be riding, while pre-writing
  • a freestyle verse, that's not how those work
  • I go off the top of the dome with a clever smirk
  • You won two battles and almost lost, you ain't fly
  • I don't wanna hurt you too bad, you might cry
  • Plus I know you don't write long, so I'll say bye
  • But when you respond to this verse at least try


  • Please don't waste my time
  • Money is time
  • You wasting time
  • playing with your time
  • That's why you blind
  • Tell me what kinda games being played
  • How its going down
  • People change but you stay
  • You cant move on your jus a little simp
  • You cant change dummy
  • You stuck in my range
  • Like a shooting range

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