Battles  Lil_Gas vs BZ23


This is on your rules, dude. Murder by words. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

Max of 50 lines


BZ23 won this battle!


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  • //Hook
  • You wanted some beef
  • now you're taunting the chief
  • you better smoke some leaf
  • or never get relief from grief
  • and disbelief that you just received
  • an achieved burn, not a roast
  • now you're gonna yearn for a toast
  • vexed against the holiday roast
  • //Verse 1
  • you overdosed with the Westcoast ghost
  • when you got diagnosed with a host of...
  • bullshit you can't take
  • sit on another brother mistake
  • next to mister, sister wake and can't bake
  • //Verse 2
  • based on being fake, you snake
  • you make my headache, for god's sake
  • I'll make your heartbreak and the earthquake
  • when I put my foot up to your ass
  • I'm no pussy, or bully you don't fuck with Lil Gas
  • get wrecked from a rookie
  • accidentally deck you like a hot cookie
  • //First Bridge
  • insulting gives me a feeling that I can't shake
  • like sucking on a joint, but I'm not baking
  • It's fucking making me amazing at changing
  • my mind about you I made some personal issues
  • that isn't true but I continue to chew on you
  • Even though you're new
  • I'm screaming like I really hate your guts
  • // Second Bridge
  • Know this is just a sample
  • of how savage can be light and ample
  • you can judge the baggage of my bright,
  • high as a kite, willing to ignite in flight mind
  • designed with PTSD
  • rap back when you're ready
  • Don't keep it slow and steady
  • I wanna see the flow go
  • with a couple of blows
  • like you're fighting with some ghettos


Attached media not accessible.

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  • So this lil boy thinks he's chasing checks with that grade BZ23 beef
  • You should've thought before you acted, now you'll be sorry when you get your ass beat and blasted, then handed back to ya
  • You've stepped into the gassing chamber. The diss you sent me was like you tried robbing me with a dull rusted razor
  • Even if i didn't slap your weapon out your hand, i wouldnt be in no immediate danger.
  • Your diss was a major failure. Tried roasting me but all i saw from that was a kid choking when he tried to smoke me
  • Calling yourself the westcoast ghost. After this battle, you gonna be exactly that bro
  • And what's up with people saying im overdosing on them? Whenever they say that i lyrically harm them
  • After he gets this, the coroner's gonna be knocking on his door discussing postmortem
  • But you gave me a couple laughs kid. I'll give you that. Faking making personal issues, claiming im new
  • Screaming like you really think you did anything. Its priceless
  • like making a diss half about me, and the other half about you thinking you smoke weed
  • If you aint noticed. You going 'gainst a vet. A rap beast picking you apart piece by piece
  • But it seems like you trying to go blow for blow with me
  • Thinking i cant handle someone like you, please, whether i win or lose
  • Ill go toe to toe with the goat's, rappad or the rap game
  • I aint ashamed to lose, most likely unlike you
  • But its no worries, this lil bit of gas'll subside soon
  • Only uprise you'll have when people mention you are people asking "who?"
  • But i think your due for a little ego check, kid you arent a threat
  • I aint even broke a sweat, pretty much your like a near dead dog yelping
  • I got 4 options i could go with
  • 1. Take ya out of sight, leave ya out of mind
  • That way i would keep my hands clean while i let life slowly take a life
  • 2. Take ya behind a shed and put ya out like old yeller
  • I'd get my hands dirty but i wouldnt have to deal with your incessant whining
  • 3. Drop ya off at the vet for a clean, painless euthanization
  • I wouldnt have to wait, plus you'd finally get high while you wait for the meds to take ya
  • But since you pretty much roadkill at this point
  • 4. I could just run right over ya, feel the bump and wash the blood off when i get back home
  • Sure, you would leave semi-permanent damage on something
  • But its nothing that couldn't be straightened out with a little bit of time and skill
  • No matter how i do it though, its just a matter of time before your killed
  • Cause my rhymes is like the T-virus, and you more or less is like Alice if she was real like Claire Redfield

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