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  • Look at me you bitch you fucking glitch. You know you were a mistake so give me a break for fuck sake.
  • Your lyrics give me a headache and its even worse when I hear it on tape because its sounds like someone getting raped. Please tell me you can relate that this guy is worse than my cousin Jake and probably right now he has already made a mistake.
  • You have to accept it that your raps are just fucking shit. You act like can spit bust just know that im legit.
  • You are garbage you have no knowledge, were you held in hostage? If I ever went to your house I bet it smells like cottage and thats just logic so don't try to change the topic.
  • You know these are facts and I know that these are big impacts but who gives a fuck because you look like a duck thats on drugs.
  • Stop acting like you and your friends are thugs because everybody know yo can't even make a couple fucking bucks.
  • The only than I can compare to you is motherfucking shrek and a zombie from the walking dead. Just know you'll never thrive throughout the internet.
  • You got nothing on me because all you are is fucking nobody so don't fucking get cocky or else ima punch like im fucking rocky.


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  • Still got mad love for a record called Beat Rock
  • So keep your eyes open or get ready for a smokin 'loc
  • And you get mad when the broads is gone
  • I'm so cool while you hyper in the coffee shop
  • What I'm smoking on you gotta keep in a jar
  • She said Stars couldn't get me in a car.
  • We can't find Biggies' killers so we gave Diddy a star
  • Snitched triggers and bombs hit the alarm

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