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Emotional Rap; (Rap about Depression). No Trolling. No name dropping. Best of luck to you.

Max of 36 lines


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  • Till the show of death, till the time of death
  • May these rhymes escape my lips till my final breath
  • Doesn't mean I'm ready
  • But doesn't mean I won't do it,
  • The chronic got me feeling like Russia and Putin.
  • Euphoria surrounds me a glorious surrounding
  • Just dawned on me that I'm snoring while I'm lounging,
  • Hold up, out of body experience,
  • So many risks but I ain't really fearing this,
  • Only thing that can stop me now,
  • Is how I contemplate how I use this crown,
  • King of the Jungle, top of the mountain,
  • Unbelievable amount of shit I be spoutin,
  • I'd be lying if this ain't the realest shit I ever wrote,
  • I just wish it was the realest shit I ever spoke
  • I’m standing in a place in my mind, with a knife to my throat
  • Everyone decides, to leave, my side, into say I just wanna go
  • Among the young
  • But so ready to die, not at all shy to explain to you why
  • I wanna go up in the sky, where I'll fly forever high
  • since the day of my birth, arriving here on the earth,
  • I havent had much worth...
  • my whole life I've been duanted, with being unwanted
  • always so lonely, myself to depend on only
  • Depressed, stressed with this tight feeling in my chest
  • I'm far from my best
  • Craving death, regretting every breath
  • I feel like my heads gonna explode, my thoughts are to hard to decode
  • No one understands my souls craving to leave this land
  • All these thoughts in my brain, I cant refrain from going insane
  • drained from all this pain, but fuck it, you won't here me complain...
  • Or will you?
  • Till the show of death, till the time of death
  • May these rhymes escape my lips till my final breath


  • I stay on my grind
  • I always seem to get lost in my mind
  • In a hustlers mind I feel confined
  • Never ending an eternal bind
  • Filled with daymares an memories of lost G'z
  • Homies i used to smoke bags of sticky trees
  • Niggas that ride for they homies an die for they Block
  • Others that lost they life to smokin a rock
  • This world is full of sinners intertwined wit Gangsters
  • Niggas dyin to get known because they spit a sick flow on a verse
  • My mind is intertwined with the formula to spit sick rhymes
  • I spit sick ryhmes while commitin crimes
  • Homies tell stories bout life in the pen
  • Niggas lost doin heroine

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