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I think I'm in writer's block. I couldn't think of anything good at all, except for some of the bars.

Max of 20 lines


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  • "Here's Johnny!" cause you're terrified of me, make the place red like the sauce on the spaghetti
  • Just kidding, that's the blood from the pussy, for your mother had sex with me
  • Blood comes when it's the girl's first time, are you understanding me? So let me to three
  • Then subtract by three, that's how many brothers you're going to have, can you see?
  • Let me put you in your place, cause it's Big Easy, I don't even need to think completely
  • Cause I'm killing you like you're an NPC, do this shit automatically, this not going to be history
  • To me, this just another victory, because I'm still putting this bitch in misery
  • Lately, I've been getting thirsty, so guys, let me destroy your Content, put ya in poverty
  • This bitch a poet and a rapper? Shakespeare and Tupac, what kind of shit you bought?
  • Some inspirational shit? Or something we've already been taught?
  • Or about the world always been on a steady onslaught
  • Doesn't matter, you're going to spit the same thing like them, all that real talk
  • I'm not saying I hate it, just be original, that's what I stated, no hatred
  • Unoriginal shit you've always painted? Black apple? Bet something like that was already created
  • Like those little kids, copying those make artists, thinking everyone else is tainted
  • A seed ya parent implanted, no wonder ya originalness was 0/10 rated
  • Let me speak no more, let me give this bitch the silent treatment, I'mma ignore
  • Just like what I did to ya mother in the back, what a whore
  • ...


  • first off, just cause ya pack gassed you up, does not make you a hot killa,
  • Dog just a dolf , fake, and if compared to Content you're not realer,
  • His words seen in sheep's clothing, mine a lot more like thriller, a smooth criminal,
  • lean in with these punches, get the frame silent like a motion picture,
  • black or White, vet will put this old bitch down cool like menthol,
  • act all right, bet i make it wrong, see how bad you'll need tylenol,
  • who let you into the game? duck it, cut that drive off better than MJ doin basketball,
  • Brought him shame, got him limping away like Isaiah in this trade, it's a freefall,
  • Wait, hold off on the Coronas, i know you're not half of me, but don't let the Jim carry you,
  • I am talkin to the personas now, let me rip the mask off, and see what the body do,
  • Who told ya you were safe? make you intake your own gas, leave on the floor, Nazi two
  • Like the dog in the movie, i hate boys fakin to be a man, just so they can score a Jim carrey move,
  • not a monkey I evolved, I beat my chest proud imma primate, any day, i
  • Leave your brain in the sand, my mind's too ahead and I'm not in my prime mate, any way,
  • Content, could never lose to a Nazi that's never moving, who you foolin? I'll be a
  • soilder, setup low then walk up right on this neanderthal, call it human evolution,
  • Is this why you are scared of Content? running from bars before you've lost, get the context,
  • What's the point in me commenting on this exchange if ya heart's off, where's the contest?
  • Critical, gotta fix it, when i square you up with these punches, let me be honest,
  • matrix visuals, glitch out, hit you repeatedly with the fire cause you a human virus,

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