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Writers grand Prix 16-20 lines

Max of 18 lines


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  • The written wannabe-GOAT, your accomplishments are from like 40 months ago
  • But if you wanna try step to me you you got a lot of stairs/stares, that's something you should fucking know
  • Think you gon' take a win, your skills are crippled
  • You cant, fuckwit/fuck wit', his shit too simple
  • After 3 years it's bound to go downhill, makes me wonder why you joined this tournament
  • But since you're so desperate you'll do anythin' for it/for a hit
  • This so called veteran, where's your authority now bitch?
  • Run for ya money, came back after years to get pounded
  • Ain't talkin' cheap jabs, your limbs crossed now he's frightened
  • But now I got em' hooked, I ain't going for a Tyson/tie, son
  • This shit's elementary, I'd fuck ya whole crew up
  • If you had one, cause now no one knows who you are
  • The sadist/saddest, when it comes to sharp hits, you're a flat prick
  • I've passed this, what the fuck can you possibly say, that'll match this
  • I was always the illest with it, ain't the kind to let this bitch off
  • After this you'll be taking another few years off


  • Saying ima wanna be goat in this battle you gone find out
  • Talking bout all the stairs In my way but if I step to you that just means I gotta climb down
  • youll get drug in this battle these bars, you'll never get over those/overdose
  • Cuz I see white lies in your lines and that doesn't appeal/ a pill to anybody who isn't comatose
  • Your bars carry no weight but I come with a few bar bells
  • I'm the type to get back to back w's like I'm typing in a url
  • My bars go over his head that's because I set and leave it
  • They say I'm conceited because I can talk like that but your conceited cuz you'll never reach it
  • I'm like hit man when I load the clips/clipz I'll aim it at your face when it hits
  • If I lose this battle I will leave because that's how much of a disgrace that that is
  • You hit me with all you got and I ain't budging
  • How did I just walk all over slik/slick and didn't fall or nothing
  • You against me that goings above your budget
  • I’m leaving this tournament not even a bit rattled
  • You had a premonition last night and saw this battle
  • After this weekend your respect will weaken
  • Tell psycho to give him this battle anyways because I’m not the one who need it

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