Battles  ImNotDead vs Vindicated


Umm... I'm going to lose hella bad but... yah... make it on you... your intentions I guess...

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  • Y'know I'm tired,
  • tired of losing,
  • I've been composing,
  • over dosin'
  • in my trojan start a war,
  • I don't know eat it whore,
  • if we ever keep score I'll be losing,
  • you'll be bored,
  • have faith in yourself,
  • don't play yourself,
  • just dig my grave for me,
  • I don't like being called a normie,
  • no, I'm insane pull out they eyes and brains,
  • what they don't need it anyway,
  • it's always a losing game,
  • daily I'm losing fame,
  • this is not a drill nor game,
  • I'm hiding up in shame,
  • my personality up in flames,
  • I deal with it every day,
  • burning bodies with a stare,
  • I don't really care,
  • just knock me off it's fair,
  • I'm on the contrary,
  • I'll burn in my hell hole (My lair)
  • Honestly can't decide my vibe is it the,
  • "I do suicide"
  • "Or, I buy all my likes"
  • or
  • "New movie time"
  • I'm running out of lines,
  • time and shit to rhyme with it,
  • dirty laundry can you keep it?
  • "seriously can you?" -ImNotDead


  • //Vindicated verse 1//
  • Yeah, wake up trying to see the sunny side of life
  • But when you left you took all the sun and the light
  • So lost without you, it seems as if I lost my sight
  • Everytime I see you my throat feels tight
  • Because you to my breath away (Gone)
  • Yeah, took my breathe away
  • Been gasping for breath everyday
  • I don't think I'll ever be okay
  • //Verse 2 - Vindicated//
  • Look, time is insignificant without you
  • I'm an insignificant man, what can I do?
  • Never thought I had anything to lose
  • Now I'm trying hard to find proof
  • That there is still a way to get you back
  • I'm still in love with you and that's a fact
  • Fuck being friends I ain't having that
  • Pain in my chest like I swallowed a thumbtack
  • For real...
  • This is just how I feel
  • Broke my heart, I need to get my shit together
  • But it's hard when I can't seem to forget her

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