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  • Thoughts dragging by in slow motion
  • Lucid thoughts floating in my mind like the ocean
  • Laying awake, begging to be unconscious
  • Fighting non-stop to keep up like Adonis
  • On a good day it's 2-3 hours at the most
  • Taking drugs to sleep, they go though me just like a ghost
  • Time keeps taking on a different form
  • There's never a sleep schedule that's considered the "norm"
  • Insomnia haunts my nights, fatigue rules my days
  • Hours of darkness, mind lights up with possibilities without delay
  • I want to let them go, to count sheep and relax
  • But when I close my eyes, I know the darkness will attack
  • In my sleeplessness I am drunk on silence
  • It dowses my mind in its thick toxicity without guidance
  • This unwelcome companion won't leave or quit
  • It doesn't support like a toxic relationship
  • With every disturbance there is a new nightmare
  • The little girl with long hair sits and never leaves the chair
  • I now understand as I lay in this void of black
  • I am what you call an Insomniac


  • Aw fuck, maybe I am a douche
  • Been that way for awhile this isn't news
  • Wrods stuck in your throat like a noose
  • I am the lyrical Dr. Seuss
  • Because my flow is abstract
  • While your shit is recycled like a flashback
  • These hoes are TOXIC, I gotta invest in a hazmat
  • Stab these kids when my rhymes are like a thumbtack
  • Gonna need an exprcist because I'm INSIDIOUS
  • When I'm dissing, better hope you're not the recipient
  • Elemental like iridium, got you in delirium
  • They delirous, ears clogged and they ain't hearing this
  • Me and Prophet are just being honest
  • We are on it due to higher knownledge
  • No need for fancy watches when my bars are sold at auctions
  • Unpredictable, flow unlogistical
  • Speaking facts, not political
  • But our shit is pivitol, paint you a visual
  • Like how I eat dogs for breakfast
  • You hearing me T? Lemme send you a message
  • Open up my textbook lemme read you a section
  • You fucking suck, so when will you accept this?
  • Alright, class is over... got any questions?
  • We gifts to rap because we live in the present
  • With these shitty rappers we reference
  • Only the real ones will get this
  • Don't have time to be in second
  • Number one, bitch
  • And I don't care if I wreck it
  • Aight, V out

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