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  • you looking like ed murphy i'm shooting three's like stephen curry
  • don't say a another word to interrupt cause if you do ima jump form the speakers and fuck you up
  • gonna be like mgk vs eminem i'm going to win to easy for me you admire me adore me like wtf
  • man you got me fucked up you a bitch you a snitch i do to much damage to savage you to average
  • scared of me you don't compare to me when the battle starts you flee no im not average
  • you a pussy you a rookie you gonna die from me like i'm the bully when i die i have glory to scared
  • wish you could compare you said it's unfair man you put on makeup stop being scared and square up
  • just give up ima murder you, yo fat ass aint no worker instead you keep on eating those hamburgers
  • you the curse you know i go for first you dont want me to burst you the worst you smelling burnt
  • you mad because you cant fight combat yo being smacked im a disser you a quitter hide in the winter


  • //Verse- Vindicated//
  • Murdering these rappers like a terrorist
  • I don't even think these kids know what terror is
  • Go ahead, call the sheriff
  • I can take that motherfucker too!
  • Why are y'all starin'?
  • Look, this shit didn't happen over night
  • I had to see the light, for awhile I lost my sight
  • Lost in over a girl and the lyrics that I type
  • I developed my talent, metamorphosis
  • Shove my bars down your fucking orfice
  • Don't like it when I'm morbid, closet full of corpse's
  • Y'all hiding in your shell like a tortoise
  • They don't like it when I rap fast
  • My girl don't like it when I rap like that
  • They just can't handle the after math
  • They want my place but they can't have it back!
  • It's so hard to keep calm
  • When I spill the contents of the rappers I embalm
  • You don't like that last line?
  • Then you will hate to know murder is my favorite pasttime
  • To past time I go Modern Warfare on these kids
  • I am what is and you are what has been
  • Taking a life is a sin
  • But I give life to my raps so I guess it's a win win
  • //Wait... what do you mean that's not how it works?//
  • //Fuck it//
  • Yeah before I go I just want y'all to know
  • Tis the season and I ain't refering to snow
  • It's hunting time for all that you hold dear
  • Stay outta my way y'all better steer clear

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