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  • ok i know u think you fundamental but am playing u like my instrumental
  • i got a room full of bars.chopping rap rats from the back
  • i named it rap lab by BK the RAPGOD
  • from rappad to soundcloud and fact too much likes from u dude
  • our names start with B so i aint going hard on u dude
  • i dont feel too much of ur raps
  • first time i heard ur name when did michael jordan started making robots
  • this aint a battle no more its a comedy roast making fun of barrack but am broke
  • So u a walking skeleton MAVERICK did his job I get u the coffin
  • if u make it tell ur idol DAX to get a cotton remixing remixes are u a rapper or a disc jocker(DJ)
  • how does copy paste taste guiltiness awaits I start a battle suicidal rates raise
  • I was 3 and swallowed a match.been spitting fire ever since
  • RAPPAD disallowed my match too much fire was about to crash the site once around and not insight
  • U wanted a weaker opponent so u can win the tournament congrats u did
  • Cause my presence is a present and u are not my president
  • Am pissed they put me up against hobo hoe big ups cuz u revealed ur sceptical face to the world


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  • BKBROWN huh? Guess the brown burger king going down now huh?
  • Think i got money huh? Guess what, you wrong bruh
  • Think you got rap huh? From what I've seen from you, you got none bruh
  • Tryna diss me is a deathwish, im not someone you should be messing with
  • Im a masterclass wordsmith, craft a scythe and slash and slice and take a life
  • Cause when i arrive, no one gets left alive, hope youve said your goodbyes
  • Cause your not leaving tonight, no afterlife, no second chance
  • Try to diss me, ill give you your chance, yet many have tried, hardly any get passed
  • Go and grab a gat, ive heard the shots from all of them. And all have missed the mark
  • Different wordplay, yet the disses are hardly a yard apart
  • I bet you think your smart, and your bars are hard
  • Yet i bet if you tried hitting me with one, itd just fall apart
  • My bars. They aint hard, their sharp, take a stab with them and i leave scars
  • Come over here, and I'll cut your head open
  • Have you kneel beside my chair and put my cigars out in that hollow head of yours
  • Use you as an ashtray, hardly good enough to even do that job, have shame
  • Imma take aim, shoot my shot, and all that'll be in your brain is my pfp and name
  • Claim the soul of another rapper in this petty thing we all call the game
  • Cause you just another rapper to fail to contain this massive flame
  • You just added to the flame that ive maintained for the 5 years ive been on top of my game

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