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  • yo trickstah you think you get that dirty rappad cop bs on me nigga
  • nigga it all fake
  • nigga you got no money got not cash yous just sad as fuck
  • yo mama left you wen u waz 8 cuz u a cuck
  • i aint gonna start this off easy no good lucks
  • nigga you a chinese rappah go eat sum bats
  • suck mah azz
  • cuz im hotboyglizzy suck my cock
  • uz a chickeny nigga you got no talk
  • u puzzy azz nigga u aint gon fight wit me
  • im gon win bitch
  • kid


  • // honestly i just dont wanna go serious over this
  • Once upon a time there's this dude called glizzy
  • He raped his 2-year-old daughter and his pubes got jizzy
  • "I want some more nudes! If only I can get more'f this!"
  • That's when he decided to start to molest some kids
  • Let me guess what you gonna say, I'm chinese and I eat bats and shit
  • I'm betting $20 you're batshit crazy because of your daughter blastin this:
  • "UMMMM... Baby I told you, that I like you and and that that I want you"
  • Wow he did great on it no wonder why he has no girlfriend no one wants even a single night of sex off you
  • Next I'm gonna guess you're gonna say I'm weak and dyin from poverty
  • You're probably gonna say the n word after every sentence get a therapist then talk to me

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