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has to be about a relationship no dissing

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  • lisin to my song rate it 1-10


  • I’ve been feeling low
  • My head is really hurting
  • Thinkin’ about love but my thoughts are so uncertain
  • I’ve been tryna find it
  • Maybe its just lost
  • Girl you really hurt me but for what?
  • What’s the cause?
  • My head be droppin’ down
  • My sky’s no longer blue
  • I ain’t got no friends and you know I got no crew
  • Havin’ suicidal thoughts
  • But I don’t wanna die
  • Maybe I should just stare at the ceiling and say “Why?”
  • You were always in a mood
  • When we were together
  • Days are always cloudy
  • Since you left you changed my weather
  • I haven’t even eaten
  • I got no appetite
  • Been crying in my room and the air be hella tight
  • All you did was do me wrong
  • Lying and backstabbing
  • Maybe Im just dreaming
  • And this didn’t really happen
  • But it still will never matter
  • Im stuck in this mental state
  • Cuz Im already in the clouds
  • And Im in front of Heaven’s Gate
  • Cuz now I don’t feel low
  • My head’s no longer hurting
  • Im not thinking ‘bout love so my thoughts are really certain
  • But sometimes I feel low
  • And sometimes Im uncertain
  • But it doesn’t matter
  • Cuz its time to close the curtains

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