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  • No courage, i had a cowardly dawg
  • like Eustis
  • he was useless
  • that mutherfucker was toothless
  • but that mufucka was ruthless
  • he rocked yves saint laurent
  • ordering papa John
  • for this Chaka kahn like Rufus
  • excuse me yall
  • I still shed tears for Ermias Ashgedom
  • mask hiding my mucus .......
  • where was i.............
  • I got some glasses i need to Poe out
  • and some candles i need to blow out
  • 2 bad bytches no one dont even know bout
  • who always ready to show out ....
  • if yall niggas dont get the doe out
  • before the last candle go out
  • and the steel start to grow out
  • just add an...E-R-S
  • and watch Big Ben get the vest.
  • ask i ball
  • my record is the best
  • I reckon , fuck niggas gone try
  • until i put it to their chest
  • spell my name backwards
  • its....X-U-D-N-O-T
  • A lil' Flame make me Ante Up
  • like i'm M-O-P
  • soon as i say i'm
  • the S-N- double -O
  • you know i'm the D-O-G
  • no need to spell it out
  • i'm the plane
  • the federally
  • and Wayne
  • I'm always for the hammer
  • nigga, shit aint changed


  • Taking flight, fuck a bird I'm a plane
  • Everyone below me are all the same
  • In a mental ward because my flow is insane
  • Realest in the game, Fuck the money, just know my name
  • Flow more complex than the fourth dimension
  • School never really had my full attention
  • and should I mention, cadence smooth enough to ease tensions
  • Ain't know black and white, Just wrong and write
  • I bought a clock because I needed some time
  • Dunno why you're obsessed with me but that's fine
  • Line by line, take back what's mine
  • I will take any motherfucker in a fight
  • Had you in the scope for awhile now
  • Just adjusted my sight
  • When you are staring down the barrel
  • The last thing you will see is the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Ha...

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