Battles  Vindicated vs D3F7_AlphaTheBeliever


"nO cUrSiNg" Diss off Best one wins *I was joking about the no cursing

Max of 64 lines


Vindicated won this battle!


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Battle on October 20 2020


  • Aww you don't want me to curse?
  • Well take the letters FFOKCUF and put it in reverse
  • Snap my fingers like Thanos and watch em disperse
  • I don't know what you have against "bad words"
  • But I don't need em to destroy another christain rapper
  • Take a knife and slit the throat of the pastor
  • Than watch him as he bleeds while rolling with laughter
  • You don't like violence?
  • Too busy smelling the roses and violets
  • but roses have thorns too...aww did I stun you to silence?
  • Satan is my God, no use for phonies
  • Burnin churches is what I do with my homies
  • Cus you easily succumb to the darkness when you get to lonely
  • When I die I got an appointment with Satan, me and him only
  • Boy
  • Isn't
  • The same when I
  • Chain his family to the wall and set his
  • House on fire


  • Yo ive watched ya raps for a couple days
  • Come to find out most of ya is lames
  • For the man kicking from the start his name
  • Armand and hes got real heart you all think this
  • A game well guess what its not i dont do
  • It for the fame i just spit my rhyme and
  • You all went insane let me show you the
  • Meaning of pain theres no need to explain
  • Just remember my name rap king i dont
  • Gotta show off no bling just back up and
  • Dont get flinged yall should go sing
  • Gotta go cause my phone just rang

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