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Battle on October 24 2020


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  • MA you know I love you, but I had to do what I had to do
  • It's like im a runaway but never got rid of my problems
  • I started doin this, like ima throw it to the
  • endzone, touchdown I'm gonna give u the rundown,
  • so don't drown I'ma put u on lockdown,
  • no excuses, hit u with the juices
  • I produce change, lets make this exchange,
  • so lets arrange our wage, no shortchange,
  • shoot like a midrange why you so deranged
  • why niggas so fake, no need to stir fate
  • for god sakes just be yourself
  • I'ma come to your house and take your soul
  • move you like charcoal, put u in a pothole
  • niggas in my way like why you gotta be an asshole,
  • dig through the ground like a mole, like I said I'm on the payroll
  • police in the streets comin, like no need I'm already trippin
  • no extensions I'm never offended
  • so tremendous niggas never generous
  • always in the streets no need to meet steady on repeat
  • I'm thinkin logically but don't correct me,
  • It's no need to look at it quizzically, so don't correct me
  • When I was 13 turning 14 my MA tried to kill herself,
  • but hey I got through it I was always a runaway, like
  • my problems was runnin away,
  • fate ain't gonna sway my way keep that
  • shit out your mouth, always so materialistic
  • swimming in the pacific no need I'm already in traffic
  • bout to get ran over I never really loved my MA
  • but I used to always say it but never showed it
  • So MA I hope you know I love you,
  • But I hope you know I had to do what
  • I had to do to make it through, I had a
  • secret bank account at 14 always had money
  • but never shared it but now I know I need you
  • Keep it steady always ready no need to repeat, but I always got money
  • I started doin this out of spite but it turned into tiramisu,
  • boo who like who you, I got no clue, lets get through to you,
  • I got an issue, I'm physically dead but I'm never mentally dead
  • all my sweat and tears no need to go through with those dares
  • It's like all I wanted was wealth, but my health was never well spent
  • I just kept on the bet, it's like I had a weak mindset
  • get through the thread, but never could shed a tear, so prepare
  • for some fresh air


  • ayy pull up to my city
  • as soon as you do you prolly gon runaway
  • 2 blocks in and you gon have 2 hot ones in yo head
  • and niggas make sure yo dead
  • started off in philly
  • every night I was gettin dizzy, dizzy,dizzy
  • everywhere I go I gotta bring a glock
  • cause it’s the 21st century but I still wanna be on the block
  • nobody know what’s happening
  • that’s how I got raped by a old fuckin man
  • but now I learned ima shoot up the place no matter what the race
  • and i don’t care if they fuckin see my face

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