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Battle on October 15 2020 and Battle on October 17 2020


  • Young boy,at the age of 16
  • His girls 12 years of age fam thats not clean
  • Girl gets fucked by a man at the age of 33
  • This isnt the best part dont worry-
  • Gun at his head hes shaking,shaking head taken
  • It was blown now he's a headless chicken
  • American kid be on the couch sittin'
  • Eating popcorn As he slowly sicken
  • In fact the popcorn is made from chicken
  • Now hes gonna lose more and more vision
  • I came from a ghetto moved up in the ranks
  • Thinks hes a phoenix but all yesterday he stank
  • Nerd gets A on a test thinks he's gonna flank
  • Wait penisface is that you?
  • Remember the time i bullied you in school
  • Remember the time i hit you with a pool cue
  • Remember the time i murdered you
  • So instead of sitting on the grave of the guy i bullied full of flies
  • Ill still win in the afterlife


  • Third rap against you
  • Another notch on my belt
  • Hit you over the head with your own bars
  • Leave you with a welt
  • Another rapper that's never gonna be mainstream
  • To focus on spitting to work on his aiming
  • Never gonna win a battle without his followers aiding
  • You wanted a battle but now the win is mine for the taking
  • Are you even trying?
  • Do you even pay attention to what you're writing?
  • You know, there is more to rap than just rhyming
  • There is cadence and flow and good timing
  • I got four more lines to go
  • And I just want you to know
  • That you still got room to grow
  • Before you can ever battle against a pro

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