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  • ok rappa god, lemme start this shit off
  • your whole name is a fraud
  • you aint the best, let alone a god
  • check your stats
  • all but one of your battles you've lost
  • im someone you shouldnt have crossed
  • cause i can drop you faster than hitler did jews in the holocaust
  • you see, im a battle rapper, this shit to me is fun
  • doing this is like driving over people in G T A for fun
  • my tongue is like a G A T
  • T A G you up and leave you crying like you got dropped on A G T
  • lyrically and mentally im crazy
  • 9 times out of 10, in a battle i leave rappers feeling hazy
  • when i got started i was beefing daily with shady
  • so if you think im scared of you?
  • then you must be beyond C R Azy
  • maybe i should go easy on you though
  • cause when i blow my top in a battle, i go
  • no show off, flexing bars
  • i come straight for your neck
  • lyrical hitman, complete the contract and collect my paycheck
  • pretend to lay there, play dead, you finna stay red
  • two tap, one to the head and one through the chest
  • you child's play, i call this a statement
  • I aint even trying, this strictly for my entertainment
  • now i dont mean to be blatant when i say this
  • but i really dont even know who the fuck you are
  • if it wasnt for the outlanders, i wouldnt even know you existed
  • but you had to get defensive and challenge me to this shit
  • so now im forced to stand my ground and spit shit
  • to a little bitch 13 year old kid
  • who looks like she has severe muscle spams every time she writes
  • do your homework next time you wanna try to fight against someone like me
  • cause i could take you out with a couple disses, true indeed
  • your too easy, your raps are cheesy, stop speaking to me, seriously
  • else your gonna get your wannabe career fucked up, thats the straight truth G


  • We came here to live life like nobody was watching
  • I got my city right behind me, if I fall, they got me
  • Livin in a world like is crazy
  • Calm down dawg you a little to hazy
  • Lazy
  • On the flee
  • I'm sorry sorry i'm trying not to laugh at your stupidity
  • Turnin all my pain into insanity
  • Lookin at me like that things start gettin bloody
  • And i got social anxiety
  • I hate when it's sunny
  • I'll die that i garuntee
  • I understand you tryna help
  • But i think that all my emotions melt
  • When someones being dealt
  • Your a little too weak to be messin wit me
  • Pfft probably
  • Honestly
  • I'm a little hungry
  • Be back in three
  • Wait i already am pussy
  • And you think i'm weak
  • Hang on lemme check my feet
  • There jordans what a nice suprise
  • Shoes has nothing to do with it but uhhh
  • Looks like you bouta cry

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