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Battle on January 19 2020


  • I had to sit back and just think
  • Paint the words before I speak
  • Nah, don't call Jermaine Dupree
  • Because yo rap game is weak
  • Boy you way to soft, and cop an attitude too quick
  • Work too hard to bring me down you were never in my clique
  • You a real featherweight, knock you over with a flick
  • You as fake as 6ix9ine, boy you can't be called legit
  • give you a taste of your own medicine cause like the pandemic, boy you sick
  • I feel bad for your whole state, please never let him represent
  • You know he ain't a thug when he calls his momma so he can vent
  • And he scared to speak his mind, whatever he say, he never meant
  • He a real bad boy, sneaking PG-13 content
  • He got a real soft heart, bout to cry bout every comment
  • you 12 years old little boy, it's time to stay in a child's place
  • I don't chase, I get chased I'm winning every race
  • you get drawn then erased, it's time for you to pray


  • I’m in a different league, you rappers little league, I am in the lead,
  • you rappers little me’s, y’all can’t try to F with me, I am a different breed
  • Don’t compare to me, won’t come near to me, I’m a pro vet and you..rappers are rookie busts
  • I’ma go get em too, after are hoodie up
  • Bullets struck after I fully punch cause I’m a ...bully beatin’ rappers, rookie treatment bastard
  • You get lyrically hazed when raped, you get misery pain then hate
  • I play at powerful levels, got scouters scouting me
  • I break that outer world record, got doubters doubting me
  • Y’all not in my league, y’all way outta of my league
  • Y’all get kicked out of the league and I’m like Lebron, y’all just be doubting the king
  • I just keep counting my rings, I’m real proud of my team
  • We defeat by domination, drop bombs on a nation...causing an abomination
  • Hip Hop is like a sport with tryouts, y’all gettin’ cut from the team
  • It stops when y’all call for the timeouts, cause y’all can’t run with the team
  • I am elite and we like DC...with the Justice, repeat and 3peat like it’s easy, we’ve won this
  • Send you overseas cause y’all washed up I’m an MVP at the peak, of my prime as I got up...from my knees
  • A a future Rap walk of famer , face of the Rap game and future hall of famer

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