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  • who the hell are you to step to me an aimless airhead to vitamin D deficiency you got no skills cuz you're focusing your looks and let's get to it with you and those seven Shnooks


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  • (Instrumental Plays)
  • My style of rap is contradicting
  • I sigh because I can’t grasp the fact that people ain’t listening
  • While I flashback to my exes in the past, I have a vision
  • I glance back, At the fun that I had, and wish that I could be wit em.
  • The fun we had, the memories we shared
  • We’d had just begun, now they’re enemies, I wish I could of showed them that I cared
  • But what now? I’m sitting here, crying, my eyes are full of tears,
  • there faces hunting me like a nightmare
  • I didn’t no what I had, until it was gone
  • I was a hypocrite, insulting them, thinking I was being strong
  • But in reality, my personality, was suffering a fatality,
  • none of my relationships were lasting long
  • I’m trying not to face reality, so I replaced the pain with this song
  • I’m in this game, and trying to stay strong
  • Now don’t get me wrong, I know it was my fault,
  • and now my heavy heart I have to haul
  • Hook:
  • I’m standing in the rain
  • I’m trapped in a circle of pain
  • My feelings packed, and it follows my way
  • My heart was smacked, but I have to swallow the pain (x2)
  • (Instrumental hook plays)
  • Verse 2:
  • Pain hits my brain, it’s an apocalypse
  • It’s Insane, it rips, an inch of my confidence
  • And throws it away
  • Open up the door, the rain hits my face
  • No one comes forward, but I remain in my place
  • Hoping they’ll answer the door, and there love I will obtain
  • But then I wake up, sunlight shining through my window
  • My hands shake yuh, my energy goes from a 5 to a Zero
  • I’m sweating, and regretting, the fact that I’m betting
  • That in the ending, and I’ll get her back, but then I get a text on my Mac
  • Reading that she already fell in... love....

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