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Battle on October 22 2020


  • Hey, Bitch
  • Fuck This
  • I'm about to dis this shit
  • You got yo'self into this
  • You mess wit me, now i'm pissed
  • You kiss my gal, you take my miss
  • My ass it what you should've kissed
  • I could rush this fast, or take it slow
  • But this is how it gunna go
  • I gunna get my .50 caliber
  • Pull it outta my pocket like Escaliber
  • You dare call me a nigger
  • You aint punk, you shitstir
  • I'll aim at you mister
  • You better look me in the face
  • Or your brains will be all over the place
  • You are a disgrace
  • And you needa be erased
  • Scurry off like a sewer rat
  • I chase you like a cat
  • From my paws, you wont get away
  • And you'll never see the light of day
  • Mercy is what for you'll pray
  • After all, I like to torture with my prey bitch


  • Hey there kids!
  • Do you wanna know what a retard is?
  • He's to the left
  • Can you spell retarded?
  • It's quite obvious
  • That his dick has departed!
  • Ha
  • Not only did I kiss your gal
  • But II touched her tits!
  • Before you start a battle
  • make sure you know how to spell "diss"
  • Wanna few pointers?
  • Lemme give you a list!
  • You want me to kiss your ass?
  • That's kinky!
  • But no thanks I think I'll pass,
  • Little kitty cat wants to rap
  • But no one wants to hear that
  • Little kitty gonna take a nap
  • when I lyrically bait him into a bear trap
  • So next time you decide to diss
  • Make sure you check what your dissin' with
  • Because your rhymes sound like piss'n'shit
  • And I know that last line hurt, didn't it?
  • P.S your girlfriends likes it in the butt ;)

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